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Re: [Chrysler300] Looking for parts! C-300


The rear or front trunk emblem in a non reprio will be difficult.

For the fan shroud which is two round pieces check with:

L & R Butler Auto Dismantling junkyard - Auto Salvage Parts

The shroud would be the same for 1955 & 1956 non A/C Chrysler and Imperial.

Spark plug washers and exhaust manifold same source as above.

Plug wire set I think Taylor brand can supply.

I don't know on choke cover material.

I can probably supply carb base gaskets.


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Subject: [Chrysler300] Looking for parts! C-300

Hello Gentleman!

  I've been working on VIN# 1001 (1955 C300) every night for about a month now.  I'm getting everything in order since the car hasn't run in over 30 years.  I've disassembled, cleaned, scrubbed and soaked everything on the engine to remove 30 years of rust, Tennessee mud and grime.  I'm very close.  The original factory pumps are rebuilt and ready to go. All the valves and rings are now unstuck, moving freely and re-soaked.  What residue was in the engine has been cleaned and everything was coated in fresh MMO or motor oil.  All gaskets have been replaced and torqued down to factory spec.  I've still got a huge amount of work left, but it's moving along and of course I'm enjoying it.

  I've got a couple needs and wondered if anyone might be able to point me in the right direction???

  I need to find these:

1.) Rear 300 trunk emblem (not repro)
2.) Fan Shroud
3.) Spark plug washers (metal rings around grommets)
4.) Passenger side exhaust manifold

1.) Proper spark plug wire set
2.) Correct material for choke tube cover
3.) Carb base gaskets

    Does anyone have any suggestions here? 


  Cucamonga, CA


Posted by: John Lazenby <french_fryguy@xxxxxxxxx>

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