[Chrysler300] '55 Chrysler VIN# 3N551905
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[Chrysler300] '55 Chrysler VIN# 3N551905

 Hey George,

  Congrats on the new car. I've got a little info on your car.  I tried to post Friday, but only 2 out of 3 of my posts actually showed up.  I have no idea what Yahoo did with this info the first time...

  I actually researched your car a while back.  It's a great car and the condition is impressive. It appears your car was built as an Automatic car and was changed to manual in the '70s.  I contacted Gil Cunningham on this car a while back to discuss the last owner's claim it was built as a stick and Gil checked his records and didn't think this was the case.  I'd order the build sheet and just confirm this.  I know your car (VIN# 3N551905) was photographed for the Vol X111, #4 issue of Automobile Quarterly in 1975.  The car was know to have been a factory Automatic at that time, but again maybe there is some confusion.  A build sheet will answer everything.

  The parts won't be too hard to get.  Just a little pricey.  Try Jeff at JC Auto, he's been great for me!

  The 300 owners are the best group I've come across.  Keep on posting, they know their stuff!  Looking forward to updates!




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I just purchased a 1955 Chrysler 300 that's been in storage for about 30 years, car is rather odd because it has no options,  and a manual transmission and radio delete. vehicle is in great condition except someone stole the heads, carbs, and air cleaner. I would like to return it back to stock condition so if anyone knows where I can purchase any of the things I need your help would be greatly appreciated. I do know this car was in the Harrah's collection at one time in the past and found pictures of it how it left the factory, so i'm trying to find out it's history any suggestions would really help.   George B.



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