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RE: [Chrysler300] 300C Hand book

Hi Ray and Bill Staffieri,


Another excellent source is Merle Wolfer’s “Restoring A Letter Series 300” of his 300D. It is sold  on a CD and when printed which I had done is 88 pages in color. It has 19 chapters, an index, suppliers and Ross Roy Specs. Every page has pictures showing various parts that were rebuilt etc.


The Chrysler 300 Club, Inc. sells the CD for $12.00.  I also have a copy of Wayne Graefen’s handbook.




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Wayne's handbook is an amazingly detailed compilation of information regarding authentic restoration of the 1957 300C, based on his own personal experience.  It is a veritable "bible" for the dedicated (nay, truly A-R!) restorer, as well as an authoritative and informative read for those with a special interest in these "Beautiful Brutes".  I bought two copies; one for the shop doing the restoration work on my 300C, and one for me at home to prepare them with parts and instructions for the next step in the restoration project.  (Three years; now about 98 percent complete!). Absolutely invaluable!  Also, the engine, VIN and chassis numbers are different, and Wayne's handbook will tell you where to find them.  And be sure to contact Gil Cunningham to decode your data plate!  This club has amazing resources in its worldwide members!

      Ray Melton 

      Las Cruces, NM

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Greetings! Does anyone know where I can purchase a hand book for a 300C? Also are the VIN, engine, body and frame numbers all the same or different? Thanks, Bill


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