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Re: [Chrysler300] 300 G Grille Emblem

I used 3M 5200, a marine sealant to place the lens in the driving light of my L.  It allows you to work the thing into the correct place, and then holds for longer than I will own the car.  Can be obtained at any marine chandlery, or likely You won’t need much.

Doug Mayer
Northport, Maine
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I agree with that ---but silicone is not glue, it is primarily a sealant . gap filler …..whether it bonds with any given material , or you just can peel it right off in a nice smooth sheet is my concern. Have had that happen. The weatherstrip cement stays somewhat flexible, (becomes rubber) it is a thick bodied contact cement , yes, but you get 10-20 seconds maybe more depending on how much you wait /still wet ( under your control) . I use it everywhere ( in car restoration love the stuff. Silicone as it sets gives off acetic acid, another concern….. like I said many concerns, both ways . I do agree that solvents getting at that back grey paint is an issue..try a small dab first? On the other hand if they do not bite in , you have no real bond , stuff like the emblem falls right off. 

I am only offering info…not taking any strong position beyond noting whether silicone really grabs it or you are just lucky (!) (you are) !!!! Luck plays a role?? .Probably a place for both. It (WSC) is made to bind rubber to chrome/ steel/paint on a car….= flexible . Glad no one mentioned epoxy…

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The concern I have is that weatherstrip cement is contact cement. It does not allow for adjustment once the two pieces are brought together. I would also be concerned about the solvent attacking the painted back. That's why RTV silicone works well, it stays flexible, won't attack the plastic (paint) and takes a while to cure, giving you plenty of time to step back and make sure the medallion is level and correct if needed.


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I’d go 3M “clear” (yellow) “weatherstrip cement”--- it is flexible. Like rubber cement. Follow directions..trial fit, then put some , probably in a thin ring on both surfaces let get tacky, press on. Stuff that dries or sets rock hard may crack , causing loss of emblem as plastic and metal expand differently with temp. There is probably a blob of hard stuff left behind now. I am sure there 100 opinions. Super glue is fussy stuff. I’d say that is not good. You never know if it “took off” ; also solvents in glues can attack back of emblem if lots slobbered on , = go cool and easy.

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Hi All,

What is the best way to attach the above emblem ? I have a new tube of "super glue" but wanted help first.


Val Jeffers

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