[Chrysler300] Heel plates for 300's??
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[Chrysler300] Heel plates for 300's??

New dual member Harry Torgeson has asked a good question on carpet inserts and I can’t answer it.  I do know the design and implementation vary over the years with some having a checkerboard of black rubber and metal (SS or Aluminum?) and some having aluminum strips.  Thinking back, I think my ’55 only had a molded-in black rubber heel pad with no metal inserts.




What year letter cars had metal (in a rubber matrix) inserts in the carpet?  I’m only guessing 1957-1964.


What year non-letter 300’s (including ’63 Pacesetters, ’70 Hurst and ’79 Cordoba 300) 300’s, if any, had metal inserts in the front carpet?


How do they differ year-to-year?  The heel pads in our ’64 300K are about 9” x 17” and contain seven ½” wide x 16” long grooved aluminum bars, separated by 5/8” black rubber bars.  The bars are set within a heavy black rubber matrix and sewed to the carpet in a groove around the edge.


I believe Harry is looking for a pair of the rubber and aluminum inserts for his ’64 300K convertible.  Are they the same as in 1963 300J’s?  Does anyone have a decent set they would part with?  Have they ever been reproduced?


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA


From: Harry Torgeson [mailto:torg66@xxxxxxxxx]
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Do you know if all 300s have the same aluminum slats?




Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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