RE: [Chrysler300] Heel plates for 64 300's??
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RE: [Chrysler300] Heel plates for 64 300's??

Just went and checked our 3 64 Chryslers and 64 imperial also


64K convert has the pad as does our sport 300 silver edition. 


Our 64 NY Salon does not have it.  Really expected it would have it since everything is standard on a salon.


Next checked the imperial and as expected it had regular carpeting and pad


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Excellent!  Were these heel plates also installed in the 300 Sport’s 1962-65?  That information would aid in chasing down replacements.




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E-News 23

has an article on heel pads 1960-1965.









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New dual member Harry Torgeson has asked a good question on carpet inserts and I can’t answer it.  I do know the design and implementation vary over the years with some having a checkerboard of black rubber and metal (SS or Aluminum?) and some having aluminum strips.  Thinking back, I think my ’55 only had a molded-in black rubber heel pad with no metal inserts.




What year letter cars had metal (in a rubber matrix) inserts in the carpet?  I’m only guessing 1957-1964.


What year non-letter 300’s (including ’63 Pacesetters, ’70 Hurst and ’79 Cordoba 300) 300’s, if any, had metal inserts in the front carpet?


How do they differ year-to-year?  The heel pads in our ’64 300K are about 9” x 17” and contain seven ½” wide x 16” long grooved aluminum bars, separated by 5/8” black rubber bars.  The bars are set within a heavy black rubber matrix and sewed to the carpet in a groove around the edge.


I believe Harry is looking for a pair of the rubber and aluminum inserts for his ’64 300K convertible.  Are they the same as in 1963 300J’s?  Does anyone have a decent set they would part with?  Have they ever been reproduced?


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA


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Do you know if all 300s have the same aluminum slats?






Posted by: "Terry & Andree Hoeman" <tehoema@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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