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Re: [Chrysler300] 300 G Fast Idle

Just a thought, would it not be very beneficial to have a video on the club page showing the proper procedure for adjusting the ram carburetors and fast idle ?


                                                               Val J

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Agree; others will get into this. Ram warm up is dicey as one side always pulls off before the other, but sounds like your high idle stop screws are set to high.( simple first thing)  Be sure heat riser valves are working. Remember there is no conventional throttle stop / regular idle, only the air valves ----and throttles must close 100% when off high idle. There are instructions in 60 300F manual supplement —have to have that to do this. Many factors play into it. I’ll let someone else fill a phone book about ram idle. I believe there is  no high idle rpm spec . Somewhat dependent on local climate whether you even need a lot of that working , but heat riser valves must be working no matter what else.
Follow instructions exactly , step by step.
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Sounds like you have a problem with the choke pull-off system.  I don't have specs for your fast idle speed, but without regard to the actual setting it should come back to a slightly fast idle immediately after the engine starts (of course also after you press the gas pedal a little to unload the fast idle cam).  If your pull-off is a vacuum diaphragm you should suspect that it has ruptured.  If it is a piston in the choke's hot air/bi-metal spring chamber you should suspect the vacuum passage to be clogged.
You should not have to wait for operating temperature before you can have a reasonable idle speed.  When working properly there is a step-wise decline in idle speed as the engine warms up, but you should never have to deal with such a high idle speed for an extended time------good way to break a band in the transmission.
Marshall Goodknight     

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Subject: [Chrysler300] 300 G Fast Idle
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 What is the correct fast idle RPM ? Mine starts out at around 2,000 and doesn't come off until the temperature gauge reaches normal. Not sure how to adjust. Appreciate any help.
                                                                                         Val J


Posted by: Val Jeffers <edward1108@xxxxxxxxx>

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