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A&G's Method Of Handling This Common Problem: Re: [Chrysler300] Virus Be Careful- Delete messages with "Senders message fai...

For what it is worth...
We have always used an * first before anything else in a real e-mail address eg., *maggie@xxxxxxx + this also automatically put these * addresses right at the top of your e-mail addresses directory since these are the addresses that you routinely use the most (no searching this way for frequently used addresses).  Two birds with one stone.  So far it seems to have worked for us.  However, a dummy worm address should work too.
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Hi all:
I use AOL for my e-mail.  Years ago, I was instructed by someone to put the following as the first entry in my address book and enter the words WORM ALERT where the recipient's e-mail address would go.  That would prevent anyone from hacking the address book.  So far, I have been either lucky or the entry works.
Dan Reitz
Bell Canyon, CA
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I receive about one of these each day.  They appear to be as a result of one’s e-mail address book being hacked and copied for distribution.  The thief then sends an e-mail to each recipient with a virus and/or an irrelevant link—just to confirm the stolen e-mail addresses are valid.  Then the addresses are packaged and sold by the thousands/millions to who-knows-who?  There do not seem to be any traces or virus’ left on the donor’s computer as commercial and sophisticated scans show no malware or virus.  I was advised that one might protect one’s address book from hacking/pirating/copying by entering a dummy name and address.  Somehow supposed to block the hacking/copying program.  Unconfirmed but I have no indication that my address book has been hacked.  May be like putting clothespins on a fuel line.

Can’t hurt—might help.

Name:  !000!0000       (zeroes)

e-mail address:  !000!0000@xxxxxxx

O Brave New World,

Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA

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Hi To All,


Err 23: Senders message failed to render.

Bob Merritt is contacting the member with a virus on his computer.

Tony Rinaldi


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