[Chrysler300] A terrific chrome plater
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[Chrysler300] A terrific chrome plater

Over many years of restoring cars the one thing that always had me at a loss for a trusted vendor was chrome plating. Between shoddy work, high prices, long lead times, and lack of personal attention, I hated to get plating done. But a few years ago I happened to use Custom Plating Specialist out of Brillion, WI, and I could not believe what a great job they did for the money, and what careful attention they paid to each of my parts. I would say that their typical work is amazingly near to "show chrome" quality, yet lower in price than most platers' "driver" quality. I have used them several times afterward with equal results.

Brillion is fairly close to Elkhart Lake and I stopped in there when I was in WI anyway a couple of months back to check out this family operation, and I think they are about as straight-up a plater as you can find today. They actually get regulated and inspected, so you don't have to worry about the place being shut down while they are sitting on your precious parts.

The reason I wanted to post this is that I talked to the owner, Terry Meetz, this morning and asked if he would be interested and willing to pick up parts from our club members at Elkhart Lake to save one way on the shipping cost. He said he would like to work that out if there was a number of parts, and on the other hand I offered to bring a few smaller parts to him from club members on my way back to Michigan after the meet if that works out better.

Terry does pot metal restoration as well as steel and everything else. Here is their website:


They will give you a quote on your parts if you send good photos.

I apologize if this sounds like a paid commercial. It's not. I just like to spread the word when somebody works this hard to please the customer, and I hope it helps out fellow club members facing the same challenge as I did.

Keith Boonstra

Holland, Michigan



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