[Chrysler300] A/C CLUTCH SOUGHT
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[Chrysler300] A/C CLUTCH SOUGHT

Hi Group:
    It seems as soon as we think we have Anne's K convert ready to go, something else intervenes.  The other day, while I was taking it down for a new exhaust system, the AC compressor seized - smoke, terrible sounds and all.
    Surprisingly, a new compressor was readily available, and was delivered the next day.  However, a new clutch is nowhere to be found.  None of our local suppliers has any idea of where one would find a clutch for the new compressor, which strikes me as a bit strange since compressors need clutches and, from what I understand, the clutch seizes up along with the compressor.  By chance, are these clutches ever rebuilt?  If so, by whom, if anyone knows?
    In any event, if any of you are aware of a source for a new clutch for our ac compressor, we would appreciate your letting us know.  The thought of putting a 50 year old clutch on a new compressor does not fill me with confidence when it comes to driving the car from New Jersey to Wisconsin, especially since the car is inoperable without the compressor/water pump pulley turning freely.
    Any suggestions concerning this matter will be appreciated.
Pete Fitch    


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