[Chrysler300] Parts for a '58 300-D
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[Chrysler300] Parts for a '58 300-D

  Was down to Galen Wollbrink's garage, and he is looking for a few things for his '58 300-D.  I said I would ask and see if anyone has anything that can help him out.
  First, does anyone have a "driver" quality set of seat covers for a 300-D hardtop?  His are mostly missing and a driver quality would do well if they are not hardened or split, etc.
  Secondly, he is after a correct Prismatic inside rear view mirror.  He thinks they are not unique and may be found in not only Chrysler models, but De Soto and maybe even the Plymouth and Dodge bodies.  He needs the entire setup of stem and head as his is an incorrect, short stem non prismatic from some other model of car.  There is a chance that the smaller chassis does not have the correct stem height, so first choice would be a known correct one from Chrysler or De Soto.
  Thank you folks on his behalf.
Tim Tomlinson
300-K in West Central IL
PS.  He did not ask me to ask, but if anyone has a usable headliner, I would bet he would be interested in one of those as well!


Posted by: timothytomlinson <timothytomlinson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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