Re: [Chrysler300] 300F Exhaust Manifold - Dipstick tube
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Re: [Chrysler300] 300F Exhaust Manifold - Dipstick tube

Good morning - as we get into the manifold repair, discovered the dipstick tube is also cracked. Local parts stores have no replacements listed. A local wrecker has a dipstick tube from a '59 Chrysler 383. If I recall correctly, the 383 was not an RB engine?


Does anyone know if the dipstick tubes are interchangeable between the 383 and the 413? 


Also we noted both exhaust manifolds have been brazed previously. In checking the casting numbers on the exhaust manifolds, the passenger side one shows 1739599-3; however, the only number on the driver's side one is 411, which is on a plate attached to the manifold. Is that correct?


A previous owner installed Edelbrock carbs with electric chokes, so not sure if they messed with the exhaust manifolds as well. (That set up combined with a hidden MSD works very well, so although not stock, have lived with it. Most people never notice the change under the air cleaners....)


Thanks again to everyone for all the prompt replies. Awesome Club!





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60 NY er fit ---what we did , removed heat riser valve “throttle “ plate , it cannot work at all anyway with no side to side crossover passages under carb when you have  rams; not driving rams in 2016 when cold out , so did that on both sides , long discussions about that in past posts ; original vs non issues. I resist any more on that! So no heat riser comes with that NY er answer. And I think it is OK. If driven in temperate climes. Stuck stock ram heat riser (not uncommon, stick so as to send all exhaust though the elbow(cold position) destroys rams,  overheats aluminum floor of carb chamber . melts a hole in it.


We got 60 NY er generator manifold I think from a good guy club member, he had parted out a NYer 413,  reasonable price. been getting lots of parts coming and going, becomes blurred . Murray Park had one for about 250, a lot yes, but try and find a 60 ny’ er manifold. Others might fit from 60 rb blocks ,. Maybe even B , maybe 59. But I do not know about 59.


Hope that helps….


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Aside from the heat riser ports, how different are the these manifolds from similar ones without the ports (eg for single 4 bbl engines)? How critical is the heat riser? 


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Yes, they are different, they have separate exhaust passages to heat the chokes.  The 300F right side is even a bit different than the 300G right side because of the generator mounting in the F vs the alternator mounting in the G. There are companies that specialize in repairing exhaust manifolds, I would consider seeking one out and discuss the specific problem with yours to see if they could repair it.  It is a very specialized repair and must be done by someone that really knows what they are doing, and even then there typically are no guarantees.  Also look on eBay as they do come up from time to time, usually in sets.  Perhaps a club member will have one they can part with.  Fortunately, cracking is not a common problem with ram car exhaust manifolds.


Bob J


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Subject: [Chrysler300] 300F Exhaust Manifold



Hi all - are the exhaust manifolds on the cross ram engine different than the other 1960 413's? The right one is cracked and my mechanic does not recommend trying to weld this one. If different, can anyone recommend a source?




Mark Hopkins



Posted by: MARK HOPKINS <m.hopkins@xxxxxxx>

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