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RE: [Chrysler300] What to do.



In the 1964 Chrysler Facts Book (salesman’s little ring binder) they list three (assumedly) factory options-all available on the 300K:

462:  License Plate Frame-Rear          $3.40

463:  Door Edge Protectors (2-Dr.)     $4.80 (4-Dr. was $6.85 for other models)

464:  Both                                            $8.20 (4-Dr. was $10.25 for other models)


I understand some of the factory options like these were not actually installed but were packed in the trunk—presumably to avoid loss or damage during transportation.  Items such as wheel covers, antenna & rear-view mirror.

Our K has neither option but there is a column (#46) for one of these three options on the IBM card so it would seem the IBM card for other years should tell the tale of what came from the factory.  Consulting Cuzzin’ Gil’s “FACTORY BUILD CODE INTERPRETATION” is your best bet for determining what was on the car when it came from the factory.   I understand and applaud the ground rules for judging that will not allow deduction of any concours judging points for “Period-Correct” seat belts.


I note that the wiring diagram for 1964 Chryslers ( page 98) includes a feed from the fuse panel for a spotlight.  Its source is a direct, un-switched and un-fused point with its feed directly from the alternator so, like the headlights, the spotlight can be operated with the ignition switch off.  If the car is not running, the power will flow from the battery, through the Ammeter to the spotlight.  If you do decide to keep the spotlight, be sure there is an inline fuse in its feed wire from the fuse panel.   Personal opinion:  The presence of the spotlight tends to confirm and enhance the provenance of the car as a former Nevada Highway patrol officer’s car.  I’d leave it on the car, provided it is period-correct.  Especially if it has a Chrysler part number on it.  It is entirely possible that the spotlight was a special-order item in 1964, at least, as Chrysler offered police cars in the Newport Line that year.  If so, the spotlight should be documented on the IBM CAR RECORD CARD.  I might think differently about a light bar, riot-gun rack and a stack of Motorola’s.


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA




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My 300F also came with door edge guards and although I asked to have them reinstalled during the restoration they got lost along the way.

Randy Guyer

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Almost impossible to fix the chrome parts, I have a dart like that , still looking for internal trim 67 Dart convert , external chrome convert A pillar trim, ----big hole through A pillar. I do think it has to go. Factory would never put on a spotlight. Aftermarket contract guys generally make police cars..out of raw police car material.

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I would like to get as many opinions as possible. My 300F came with a Drivers side Spot Light and Door Edge Guards. I can’t ever recall any pictures of other 300’s with these options. As nearly as I can tell they came new with the car.

How many of my Fellow 300 Lovers would not put them back on after Restoration. There’s a large hole that will have to be filled where the Spot Light was if I leave it off.

I was told a tale when I bought the car Which came from Nevada that the car belonged to a Nevada Highway Patrol Big Shot. That’s why the Spot Light. I am in the process of getting all the Chrome ready to send out for rechroming and the Spot Light parts are included.

So Guys and Gals please give me your opinions.

Thanks Gary Barker

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