Re: [Chrysler300] Acrylic colour formula for 64 300k
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Re: [Chrysler300] Acrylic colour formula for 64 300k

    I sent an inquiry to Sherwin-Williams in accord with your suggestion and, lo and behold, within two hours I received a phone call from them, asking which turquoise I was looking for, the middle (lighter) one or the darker one, which is what appears on the color chart.  I replied that we wanted the lighter of the two, in base coat/clear coat and he said that the color is no longer available, but that they have a "close to" color from 2005, which carries a sales code of 69633.  He said that any of their stores can make that up and suggested that we try a small amount to test against the actual color.  You can't get better service than that!
    While I wanted the information just in case we decide to repaint the K convert in its original color, I'm sure Mike can actually use the information, although I'm not sure about the availability of Sherman-Williams paint stores where he is located.   
    I would also note that PPG has a color library which includes our colors, so perhaps that would be a better starting point, as the original Ditzler chart, indicates PPG as the maker.  Perhaps Mike will have better luck with that.
Regards to all,
Pete Fitch  
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Go to:

Code K and silver turquoise are listed. E-mail or call SW Automotive and they will tell you what modern paint color matches the old formula. 

They helped me get a modern color to match Alaskan White. 


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If anyone does come up with that formula, please post it, or send me a copy of your e-mail to Mike.  I have a K convert with that paint code, and the car is currently silver.
Pete Fitch
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Hi everyone hope all is well with you guys and gals. Just wondering if anyone would have an acrylic colour formula for kk- 1 silver turquoise. This color unlike others for that year, we're not produced in Australia, and after searching online for a couple of years I have yielded no luck. I thought some may have access to a formula and may like to share it. I'm happy to throw dollars if it helps, thanks people I know you'll help if you can,
Thanks Mike!


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