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RE: [Chrysler300] 1964 K convert

Correction.  Sorry for the bum steer.  1964 Newports and 300 Sports came with a standard round steering wheel-whether equipped with power or manual steering.  The “square” wheel was an option on those cars with power steering and was called the “Deluxe Steering Wheel”.  The Deluxe “square” steering wheel was standard on 300K’s, NY’s & Salons.


My guess is that the standard round steering wheel and the “square” Deluxe steering wheels were interchangeable on the Sports and Newports.  But the round tilt wheel is definitely different and is not interchangeable with any other 1964 steering wheel.


Thanks to George Ver Berkmoes for this correction.


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA (Rain predicted and will be welcomed)




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Good questions!

Striping was standard on the 300K and NY Salon, only. Two narrow stripes of slightly different widths from the front fender eyelid to near the rear of the car. Check cars with original striping for design detail and dimensions, especially at the ends. I’ve attached pictures of the black stripes on a white car which I believe are accurate and original. For proper color, go to: and scroll down to: BODY STRIPING COLORS FOR SALON AND 300K for proper stripe color. For a Formal Black 300K car with a red interior, the stripe color would be Roman Red. Otherwise Persian White.

Round steering wheels came on 1964 Chryslers with power steering and the Saginaw adjustable /tilt wheel column and on manual steering Newports and 300 Sports. I believe the square wheel came on all other power-steering cars. The round steering wheels for the tilt columns will not fit on any MoPar column. I was mildly surprised at how easy the “square” wheel on our ’63 Newport was to use and get used to. The tilt wheel on our 300K convertible works well and was used by Chrysler for several years until they developed their own. Without a tilt wheel option until 1964, the “square” wheel offered a little more clearance for diametrically-enhanced drivers (such as me).

Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA

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I am wondering what is factory, on the pin striping, some cars have it some not, maybe repaint left off the pin strips, mine has red with Formal black, red interior Vin says it came with white interior, also I have seen round steering wheels on on a 1964 K car for sale on line, mine is square.

New member Thanks for the members info

Harry Torgeson

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Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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