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Hi All,

I was asked to post my contact info. I no longer rebuild parts, (no time for my car’s). I do have a few new and NOS items that I will sell while available. The attached list is not up to date, (no time). 

Gary Nelson
Escondido CA
San Diego 
Land of the Avocado 

    "net" after price, there is no discount as I must order those items. 
    I Pay shipping on orders of $300 or more in the US 48. Exceptions would be heavy parts.

                                                              MOPAR PARTS LIST EARLY 50's TO 60's

   * Hello fellow 300 members and Mopar collectors. Follows is a parts list that will fit most 300's and 
     many other Mopar makes and models .
   * I am a jobber for the following NEW and some NOS parts.  
   * I am not a parts salvage yard, and do not have body, trim and chassis parts to sell. Exception is some 55/58 hemi motor parts.

    PARTS REBUILDING: I am limiting parts rebuilding to the following items: Water pumps; Rubber Bellows style brake boosters; 
    61 to 68 floating style power steering bracket. See item 53 below for discription of the re-build I do on bracket.         
    References available. All work warranted. I have file photos of parts we have rebuilt. E-mail and I can send.

         PARTS LIST:

        1) Brake light swt, (4,134) 55-56 C all, 41-42, 46-48; $14.50 net. (2, 136) C all, 57 to 59,  53-54, DT 53-63, 68-69. $13.50 net.

      1a) Backup light switch on 2 speed PF trans, $16 net. (2 only).
      1b) Back up light switch (NOS) on all 57 to 59 Chrys & DeSotos, mounts to side of transmission button shifter, $49.    

        2) Seals, wheel & axel (only $5 ea.) grease and oil. Chry. front axel, 57-62, 63-72 full size w/drum brakes, 66-72 full size w/disc brakes + many D, DS & P
            Rear axel seals, Inner and outer, 57-62 C, D, DS, Imp & P. $5.00 ea. net. A bargain, only one set left.

       3) Temp sender, Water, 55/56 C, $13(qty 3, 6164), 57-59 C,DS,P; 57-58 D,$15(qty 1, 6460); 60-63 C,P; 59-63 D; 56, 60-61 DS; 63-69 DT, $11(qty.3, 6463).

       4) Radiator hoses,  For 57/58 hemi & 354 poly motor. Bypass hose only, $8 net.
       4a) Original style radiator hose Corbin clamps. These are cadmium plated like originals. Sizes for radiator hoses, hearter hose, vacuum hose, and fuel line. $10 minimum order. See list below.

        Cost each                  Hose Application                                     

        1.66                           1 3/4" ID, Lower Radiator hose

        1.66                           1 1/2" ID, Upper Radiator

        1.54                           1 1/4" ID, Radiator hose                                                                                                                                                                                       

        .96                             1" ID, By-pass hose, early hemi

        .42                             3/4" ID hose

        .34                             5/8" ID, Heater hose

        .34                             1/2" ID, Heavy wall vacuum hose

        .25                             5/16" ID Fuel hose 

       5) Water pump shaft, bearing and seal kit w/ gasket, 36 to 58, $29,  59 to 78 $24. Some impellars available. There is not a car on the road that the pump will not start leaking sooner, or later. Get'um                    while they last. 

       6) Water Pump, gasket only, Chrys. 57/58 5 hole and 59 up 4 hole, $4 ea. 

       7) IGNITION PARTS: (Up to 20% off)
            Points:  C 51-58 (dual); DS 52-57; D 53-57; DT 53-56; P 55-57, 66-72.  $6.75 ea. less 20%. (10)
            Points:  C 59-72 (dual); C 39 to 48; DS 58-61; D 58-72; DT 53-59; P 58-72,  $11.50 ea. less 20% (6)  
            CONDENSER:  C, 51-72; D 53-72; DS 52-61; DT 53-67; P 50-72,  $8.50 net. (4)
            ROTOR:  C,D&P 56-72; DS 56-61; DTruck 55-66,  $8.50 net. 
            DIST. CAP;  C,D,P 56-59; DS 56-61; DT 55-59, $15.50 net
            DIST. CAP:  C,D&P, 60-72; DS, 58-61; DTruck, 60-66, (#1290) $15.50 net

       8) Radio condensors NEW, (3 required) with original style red caution tag $13.50 ea. (tag only used on generator condenser), 
            with out tag $11 ea. They are installed, one on coil, generator and voltage regulator.

       9) Generator brushes  $8.50, (6 A434) starter, one set 55, (A514); 57 up (6- A519) $11ea. Less 15% 

   10a)  AFB carb kits (early 4 brl), $37ea. (8)
       b)  WCFB carb kit (no stock) 
       c)  Two barrel kit, 55 to 57 & 59 to 71, $38 ea. (1 only of ea) 
       e)  FUEL LINE between carbs 55 to 57 300, Push on barb fitting ends, same as original thread size. Nylon reinforced, 50 psi test, $22. Specify year.

       f)  BRASS FITTINGS AT CARBURETORS (identical to OEM)
             Brass fitting 90 deg (mxf 1/8" pt), out of rear Carter fuel filter (55-57 300), to end of fuel line, $5.  
             Brass "T" fitting (m 1/8" pt x inverted flare seats, out of front Carter fuel filter (55-57 300) or directly out of carb (58 300), $8. 
             Brass fitting, 90 deg. (mxm 1/8" pt) out of rear carb to Cater fuel filters (55-57 300), These are only available forged, 
             therefore the higher cost ($11.50 ea. net.)
       g) CARTER CERAMIC FUEL FILTER ELIMENTS. Fits glass bowl at carburetor (1" tall). $21 ea. with gasket. Getting very hard to find.
           1 1/2" tall, fits Dodge trucks, $24 ea.
           New zinc plated springs that push filter to gasket. $4.50 ea. Don't use those old rusty ones.
           Filter element gaskets sold separately. $4.50 ea.

        h) Fuel filter at end of pickup tube in tank, $9. (1 only)
        i) FUEL TANK filler neck seal, $4.00 ea.  Tank sending unit seal, $3.50 ea. (buy both, free shipping)    

     11) Front wheel grease caps, 55-72, NOS, p/n 1613 416, $14 ea. (last set). Import, $7.50 ea. Grease cap installation tool, protect the cap. $3.50 ea.
     12) Steering box rebuild kit, 55 to 57. Includes all shaft seals, cover seal, internal lip seals & o-rings. $53 net.          
            Needle bearings extra, usually not needed. 

     13) Power steering canister flat seal ring 53/56 $8; 57 up PS canister seal $6; 

  13a)  Power steering pump kits. 57 Thompson aluminum pump includes shaft seal, bearing, o-rings, canister seal ring, plus instructions. $39 (reuse internal gasket or cut new one). 
      b)   Filler cap seal, $4.50
      c)  58 up cast iorn pump, $27.
            Kits include shaft seal, o-rings gaskits & canister seal, plus instuctions. Everything to stop it leaking.                 

           Control arm bushings. Upper, C 57-61; Imp. 57-66, set of 4, $125 set. net.
           Upper, C 59-66, NP 61-64, D Coronet, 59-61, Imp. 59-66, D Dart, 60-61, DS w/ 1.129 OD, 60-61 all, Firesweep, 59, $16 ea.
           Lower, 57-61 C all; 57-66, Imp. $19 ea.net; 62-64, 300, NY, NP, W 58-64, D Coronet, 57-61, D Cust. 880 62-64, D Dart 60-61 $19ea. net.

  15a) STRUT ROD BUSHINGS: (NO STOCK), 2 pc.set, $14 net. Fits all Chrys. 57-61;  DS, 57-64; D, 65; D, Coronet & Charger, 57-65; P exp 65 Fury. 

  15b) Upper control arm bumpers, 57 up, many years. $22 pair. Steel Rubber Parts charges $32. (one set left)

  15c) Tie rod connetor sleeves, 55 to 73. $19.50 ea. (1 set left). These are the lt. and rt. hand threaded tie rod                        
           adjusters that get chewed up from pipe wrenchs. Includes new clamps, nuts and bolts.

 15d)  Idler arm rebuild kit. 57 to 61 $17 less 10%.

 15e) Center link dust shields, $4 pair. 40's to 80's. Used on any center link where the tappered end is part of center link. 
          These insert over the tappered ends of steering arm and idler arm. These are different than the rubber tie rod end cups. 
          Use this seal to keep dirt out of joint.  
   16) Ball joints, Check with me on current cost. 57-59,  60 up. 

   17)  SUSPENSION REAR: (order a full set, less 20%)
           Shackle bushings: 55 to 71 (8 pcs. req. both sides) $3 ea.; 
           Front leaf spring (fixed end), steel/rubber bushing, 2 req.$14 ea. 
           Spring to frame (fixed end), grade 8 bolt and nut, 2 req. $6 ea.; 
           Spring eye bolt that holds the leafs togeather, 2 req. $4 ea.; 
           Leaf spring tip, anti squeak inserts. These locate in the original holes in spring. 4 req. for front and rear each spring, 16 req. $3 ea.
 17a)  POLYURETHANE BUSHINGS replaces the OEM above (55-71). Firm up the ride, less roll when cornering, longer life. 
           FIXED END (front) , 2 req. $22 ea.; SHACKLE BUSHINGS, 8 req. 5 ea.

   18)  Exhaust manifold anti rattle heat riser spring, $3.50 ea. Many years. NOTE: This is not the heat risor coil spring.

   19)  Air filters, round, (9 7/8" x 2 1/6" tall), $16 less 10%                   Oval, (no stock)

   20) A/C compressor conversion kit from early shaft seal, (57 to 61) to late seal (seal included), $89, Less $20. 

   21) 57/58 300 Hub cap mask set of 4, $75 less 15%, (1 set left in stock). Complete instructions included. You won't beleive how nice your cap painting will look. Go to  www.glnelson.com and click on 57/58           300 to view 14 photos that show how to use and the end results using the mask set. Black paint was used for contrast.

   25) Crank, damper bolt, NEW. Special large, fine thread stuby bolt. $7.50.

   26) Starter solinoid, on starter, (56 to 59 with MDT starter, $54, less 15%. 59 to late 60's with 1889 200 starter $43. This info is on starter data tag. less 15%.

                                       10% or more discount on all in stock items, unless marked (net). Order while stock lasts.

   30) Generator roller bearings, (sealed for life).  $7.50 ea. Never oil bearing again. '55 to '59 2 req. '60 up 1 req at front.

   31) Brake boster rebuilb kit, (bellows type, 57 to 61). Includes all lip seals, o-rings, filter and insallation guide. $46. 
          Does not include rubber bellows. See # 31a. for re-build service. See #35 for Parts doc Rubber rejuvenater that will extend the usefull life 
          and recondition bellows to a supple condition. 

 31a) Brake Booster CONCOURES Re-build; 57 to 60, Rubber bellows style with metal end plates and all nuts and bolts (new), cad plated with yellow chromate for a concourse           rebuild. $450 with cad plated parts & rejuvenate your rubber bellows to a supple condition. Your core required. Parts for one more only. 
  32)  Torque convertors "rebuilt" 55 to 61. Completely disassembled, hot tanked, internal thrust washers, welded, balanced and pressure tested. Do not run an old T.C. on a rebuilt           trans. I can send a photo of the sludge inside an old converter and metal particals that will end up in your new trans. $300 less $40 = $260, no exchange. Shipping will apply.
 32a) Replacement starter ring gear for torque converters, 55 to 61, Powerflite only. 146 tooth $45ea. (1 only)

   33) TAIL LENSES, 57 Chrys. NORS. For 300C, NY, Saratoga, Windsor. $75 pair.

  34)  BACKUP LENSES, 57 Chrys. original used backup lenses. No crackes or sun checks. Need polished. $25 to  $45 based on condition. Photos available.

   35) Parts Doc brand Rubber Rejuvenater. 16 oz. concentrate, $20 less 10% (was $25), Includes extra 16 oz. squeez  bottle with sponge applicater.
          A must for every restoration project. The highest quality moisturizers with no drying agents. Will rejuvenate old stiff rubber parts to a supple condition, use full strenth or up to 2:1           for rejuvenating. Soften rubber brake bellows, drive shaft trunion, joint boot, all glass seals, wing window seals, fire wall grommets, ball joint and tie rod dust boots, etc. Use to           topical treat tires, rubber seals, vinyl, plastic and              leather. Use 4:1 to 8:1 as a topical treatment. Specially formulated and nothing like it on the market.
          Rubber must not be cracked or brittle. A little flex and my rejuvinator will bring it back to usefull life.

   36) Transmission Pan Gasket, (cast iron TF) premium composition (trans kits include cork type).Torqueflite 56 to 61, $13 ea. less 10%. Premium Rubber impregnated fiber gasket           is the best you can buy. These are Not cork. These are a must to have on hand. Cast iron TF only have a screen, not a filter. It is important to remove the pan to clean out debris           that will circulate through the trans and lead to early failure. 

   37) TRANSMISSION DELUX REBUILD KITS, 56-61. Master kit, Torqueflite $265 + 5% discount and free shipping in the US. 300's require one additional clutch and plate, $15 set.
          Deluxe kits include all clutch friction and steel discs, paper gaskets, external and internal rubber lip and O-rings, Steel seal rings, front and rear seals.  

         TAIL SHAFT BEARINGS 56 to 59, (special and very hard to find) $25ea. 
         NOS reaction shaft, $79. Steel seal rings can wear groves in the internal bore.
         Front clutch hub press in collar, $37. Steel seal rings can wear groves on the internal bore.
         Thrust washers & bushings ($8 to $15);  
         Front high temp silicone seal $19; Rear seal, $12 (ALL seals included in kits); 
         Small diamiter Kick down lever shaft seal, TF & PF $5 ea.; 
         PF shift lever steel cased external shaft seal, $12; 
         Spring and roller kits for Over Running Clutch, $29; 
         300 HD (NEW) clutch return spring sold separately, $45. This is needed to upgrade a standard TF trans to 300 HD spec's.
         See #38 to convert Std. transmission to 300 HD specs.
         Plus many good used TF hard parts.

37b) KICK DOWN AND REVERSE BANDS for TF, (PREMIUM LINED) $45 ea. (No exchange required) 
         Clutches and plates separate, $8 ea.; Cast iron NOS reaction shaft, $75; 
         TF & PF Speedometer pinions, good used. Various gear count. Check w/ me. $55. 
         Plus many good used hard parts.

  38) 300 TRANSMISSION CONVERSION TO HEAVY DUTY SPECS, 56-61 Torqueflite. Requires custom  machining and modification of clutch 
         piston to allow for 5th clutch and disc, modify governor weight and spring. Requiers core parts exchange. $240. Add $15 for 5th clutch and plate.
         Some trans may have the correct clutch piston, deduct $90 if you have the correct piston.  
         300 HD (NEW), clutch return spring, $55. 300 correct kick down lever available from club member George Riel.  
         NOTE: Most 300's have had the transmission exchanged out long ago with a standard. This upgrade will bring it back to factory HD specs. 
         I will help you identify your trans parts to see if it is a HD or standard.

   39) 59 CHRYSLER, Tail light chrome housings for all 59 chrysler products. lt & rt set. No pitting or damage. Very bright chrome with some age marks. Have photos to send. $195           set. less 20%

   40) NOS 57 to 59 door and ignition cylinder lock set keyed alike. Includes pair of original aluminum Lion Creast keys with tag no. (no stock).

 40a) NOS Ignition Switch, 57/58 All Chrys, Imp. & Dodge LD1 w/ auto trans. See 40b. for key cylinder.
          They do go bad, If not now, it will later. A bargain at $17 ea. net. Discounted from $25.

 40b) Key cylinder, ignition (new) with pair of keys for ignition switch in 40a above. $21 less 15%. (one only).

 40c) Glove box lock (NOS p/n 1830 043) for 57-58 Suburban w/ alum. logo (DPCD) pair of keys. (One only).

   42) Speedometer pinions, TF, 2-16 tooth, 1-17 AND 1-18 tooth. PF 2, 17 tooth, used excellent condition. May have others.$55 ea.

   43) WING NUTS, Air cleaner and Battery hold down. Original style stamped, carb to air cleaner, 1/4" wing nuts, ($3ea.) and 
          3/8" battery hold down wing nuts, ($4 ea.). Wing nuts are new and cadmium plated.  

   44) Rebuild 61 to 68 floating style PS pump bracket. If yours is worn at the pivot bolt holes and wobbles, then you need this 
          rebuild that includes boring out the original holes, custom machine 4 step bushings that are welded in, includes new
          grade 5 bolt with lock nut, $95. Glass beaded and painted. Your core required. Have rebuilt core in stock ready to ship.

    *Prices marked (net) have no further discount.
    *Prices on this list supersede prices that may be shown in photos.
    *Photos available for most parts.
    *All prices subject change based on my cost at time of sale.
    *All prices in US dollars.
    *All parts are new unless specified otherwise.   
    *Satisfaction guaranteed or return unused for full refund less shipping. Contact me before any return.
    *Shipping costs apply under $200 or if heavy item. I combine order for actual ship cost.
    *I ship UPS ground or USPS unless requested otherwise.  Not responsible for lost shipments.
      Final settlement of lost goods will be through Shipper.
    *Buyer is responsible to ask for insurance.
    *Buyer is advised to insure items sent to me. I am not responsible for items that I do not receive. UPS is recomended shipper 
     as rate includes the first $100 value insurance plus a tracking number.
    *Not responsible for consequential damages related to parts I sell.
    *Not responsible for labor to install and remove a defective part. A small risk you must take.
    *Full refund on any part proven to be defective, including shipping. Excludes electrical parts. I test before shipping.
    *Accept personal checks, money orders, PayPal add 4% service fee I am charged to receive funds.
    Ship cores to:                                                                                     Revised, 3-25-10
    Gary Nelson                                                         
    17 Kit Kat Dr.
    Carson City, Nevada 89706 USA
    Phone:  775 851-1420. 7 days , 9am to 7pm, PST
    E-mail: garythepartsdoc@xxxxxxxxxxxx

   Send payment to:
   Gary Nelson
   11205 Messina Way
   Reno, Nevada 89521 USA

   PayPal payment to: garythepartsdoc@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Posted by: "Gary Nelson" <gnelson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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