RE: [Chrysler300] Security Warning
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RE: [Chrysler300] Security Warning

Other than the interesting content, generally about 300’s, the only extraneous information on the e-mails I receive from the 300 Club server is the Yahoo information at the bottom.  I have noticed other e-mail sometimes contains a note from the sender’s anti-virus program that the content had been checked and found to be virus-free.  This is partly to increase the confidence of the receiver and may has more to do with advertising the anti-virus program.  It’s a nasty world out there on the “net” and getting worse.  Over the years I’ve received e-mails from the server that were unintentional and the result of a member’s e-mail address book being hacked but no indication of any true virus getting through Yahoo and the server.  It would appear that your irritating messages are being added by your ISP or by your own computer—trying to keep you safe—and, maybe, trying to get you to purchase Symantec software.  There is even an outside possibility that the unwanted message itself is a phishing attempt disguised as a good cop.


All this makes me appreciate the mostly DC circuitry in our 300K, its mechanical and hydraulic systems and its lack of any connection to the net.  It did not contribute to the recent denial of service as my smart toaster may have.  No Nannies or tattle-tail black boxes on it.  And, I’m really glad it requires a driver.  Perhaps the 300 clubs of the future will consist of computers communicating virtually using AI and satellite uplinks.  Drivers are no longer needed.  Can you imagine a 300 club of the future?  Anyone have a good ECM for a 2055 Chrysler 300A?  Or a flux capacitor for a 2056 300B?



Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA (the rainy season has begun)


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Nearly every e-mail message I receive from the listserver gives me a "security certificate" warning. It is for Symantic Corporation, which I presume provides security services for It's annoying to have to dispense with the warning dialogue every time I even select a message from the listserver.


Is the rest of the group getting these warnings? It's getting annoying enough to make me want to disengage from the listserver...

Mike Reed in Hastings, Michigan


Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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