[Chrysler300] Security Warning
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[Chrysler300] Security Warning

Thanks for all the replies to my original message. It confirmed to me that the problem is sourced here. Just for everyone's information, I am a retired senior systems analyst with 40 years of experience in every aspect of computers and computing.
Briefly, your replies confirmed to me that it is my e-mail client program that is not handling Yahoo's security certificate properly. BTW -- Yahoo is the only Internet server I've ever received this warning from. This has nothing whatsoever to do with a virus or malware. The messages go right through my anti-virus program, as they should. The warning states that the security certificate is valid, but was issued by a different entity than that for which the certificate covers. Symantic is the issuer, on behalf of Yahoo. Apparently Yahoo farmed the certificate handling out to a third party - Symantic - and that's the cause of the warning.
Most everyone these days sends and retrieves their e-mail as "Webmail" through their Internet browser. I do not. E-mail is transmitted and received on my system in a completely different form than Webmail -- it is SMTP/POP messages and requires a client program (not a browser) to handle messages. My client program is rather old, and apparently is not designed to handle third-party security certificates issuances.
Thanks to everyone who replied.

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I run Kaspersky anti virus and I do not get any warnings for email from the list server.
What anti virus do you run on your computer?  I would be surprised if Yahoo was running anything by Sematic.
Semantic makes Norten anti virus in case that is what you have on your computer.
I am thinking this may be on your side not the server side.


Nancy Kramer

At 06:09 AM 10/29/2016, 'Michael Reed' rmreed@xxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] wrote:

Nearly every e-mail message I receive from the listserver gives me a "security certificate" warning. It is for Symantic Corporation, which I presume provides security services for Yahoo.com. It's annoying to have to dispense with the warning dialogue every time I even select a message from the listserver.
Is the rest of the group getting these warnings? It's getting annoying enough to make me want to disengage from the listserver...

Mike Reed in Hastings, Michigan


Posted by: "Michael Reed" <rmreed@xxxxxxxxx>

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