RE: [Chrysler300] Hidden VIN stamp location, 59 300E, '64 300K
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RE: [Chrysler300] Hidden VIN stamp location, 59 300E, '64 300K

While a little fogged in memory, I think there is a number behind the heater box stamped on firewall ---on F I think , or maybe C/D (ultimate secret place ?) and I think one on one face (?upper) of frame rail  facing body floor . J-Y knows more (or has a much better memory!) ; had to swap frames on a C , got peripherally into this. And had an F with no real ID plate at all. Hand stamped aluminum plate held on with one screw.  But there are different kinds of numbers,  not the “DMV “ number , but possibly a way to get to it. Again not sure, just trying to add vague  recollections . It was not important when cars were say 10 years old…no one cared.


To Rich’s very good point,  a local police chief here gave us a letter,  checked out the car and all the soft info and history, as best we could , and we got a letter leading to a Mass title. Having one plate, you are way ahead of game!!


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Are you saying that there is a VIN tag on the door post and your DMV wants to verify it with another location on the car—or just that the original doorpost VIN tag is missing?


If the door tag is missing and you have no inkling as to what the VIN is, the following might help.  1959 300E VIN’s apparently range from M591 100001 to M591 100690 as records indicate only 690 300E’s were produced.  There will be some numbers stamped on the original block identifying it was a 300E block and date-coded, but there will be no unique serial number linking the engine to the car.  VIN/engine serial number links were there on the ’55—’58 hemi-engined cars.  Seldom, if ever the same, but matched and recorded by hand on the IBM build card.


It seems I have read that after a certain date, VIN’s were stamped elsewhere on the frame—in hidden places.  And, that only law-enforcement agencies have the list of locations on various cars.  You might check with highway patrol or a large metropolitan police dept.  They may view the VIN privately and certify it for your DMV.  I’ve also seen replacement VIN tags riveted to doorposts—issued by an authority and assigning a new state-issued VIN.  And, you may well find that one or more club members knows about these hidden, secret VIN’s.  Once you ascertain the VIN, the club’s microfilm/microfiche records of the IBM build card could help to confirm the VIN if color and equipment listed match that on the car and on the data plate.


Best wishes for dealing with a recalcitrant DMV inspector.  They are probably just doing their job and trying to assist in restricting the stolen car trade.


With the subject on the table, I’d appreciate knowing the secret location of the hidden VIN, if any, on a 1964 300K.


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA


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Subject: [Chrysler300] Vin stamp location, 59 300E



Dealing with local DMV inspector issues. I need to find the VIN stamped somewhere else on the car besides the door. Any idea where that might be on a 59E? Having to do the same thing on a 59 dodge as well. My local DMV drives me nuts.




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