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RE: [Chrysler300] 1962 Rear Axle

FYI< I had a 74 Imp brand new--- that parking brake setup is a real dog, ineffective and hard to fix, plus I think the rotors are unobtainable at any $ now? Good discussion though ; as I think it was a Dana 60 right? I am putting a dana 60 from Moser with I believe it is GM discs (? S-10 pickup?) with proven external caliper GM park brakes ; the Imperial design had all the problems of drums and discs at one wheel. I vaguely remeber some dragging problems. I LOVED my 70 Imperial 440 black coupe , but the 74, meh. Only kept a year. Got a 75 T bird 460, silver edition , red leather moon roof all that instead. Although a 100% mopar guy those big birds and the Lincoln (same car ) were very good cars.


On the Moser you can order it any ratio and any width..I ‘d go one inch less than stock 300 ,overall width maybe 1.5” to allow wider rims without  requiring crazy backspacing. The cragar steel wheels fit well, even 8” rims .  Moser sells their light duty discs all installed, ..I chose light duty due to really big front discs hoping this overall idea works . I am still  hoping this works out , as I hear there are problems with pedal stroke with 4 wheel discs , more fluid needed than stock  Mopar master likes to give…but just fronts work ok for many of us. ?   One could go Moser rear drums, I am not sure if ford truck or something. If I did again would probably do that. Also drums were  stock on dana mopar in Hemi, might find that, or duplicate , or 8 ¾ But with one order,  it all fits you tell them pad spacing for springs. You get HD axles too. With what you end up spending on time, adapting and refurbishing junk yard stuff,  I think you are many $ ahead……


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I would suggest using the disc brake rear end from a 74 Imperial, if you can find one. They bolt in.  Just so your aware the disc brake calipers on the Imperial, one faces forward the other to the rear, interesting isn't it?? I did that swop on my 66 Sport Fury convertible, and will do it again on my 57 300C, if I can find one again. Good Luck.

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The rear end from a 70 Challenger fits right in. I did that swap on a 62 Newport I had a few years ago.

If I remember right, the leaf spring perches were just 1/8 inch off compared to the 62, not enough to bother with moving them...




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Hi Group,

I'm tired of fighting with the tapered rear axle assembly, as well as the "finiky" brakes in my 62. Does anyone know which Mopar rear axle will swap in. I'm probably going to install all wheel disc brakes in the near future as well. Comments appreciated. Thanks, Charlie in Ottawa.




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