RE: [Chrysler300] Ram Car Torqueflite Specs
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RE: [Chrysler300] Ram Car Torqueflite Specs

Whatever is in them REALLY works, loved my J back in the day, big chirp on 1-2 sometimes on upper 2-3 , if belts did not blow off it. J with after market cam and a shift kit in J 727. …On top of hi perf governor it wound way too high, ( my mistake to have both) but boy did it move . Now ,would it stop……??


I sold it to a good guy in Grosse Point mich, he  had ?65-66 dark green 300 with 440 six pack. Nice plate .” Legend” ; want to say Doug….


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Just curious: I'm looking at the '64 factory shop manual and it doesn't say anything about a different trans for the '64 ram cars. I'm pretty sure I recall that the "J" had the same five clutch disc trans as the Max Wedge cars‎.






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