RE: [Chrysler300] wanted pw motor assembly for 1962 chrysler
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RE: [Chrysler300] wanted pw motor assembly for 1962 chrysler

Is it the gear that is stripped or a bad motor?  The nylon gears are trouble. It splits at bottom of a nylon tooth, then free wheels around steel hub. We can rebuild 60-61 for sure, 62 probably same,  with bronze gear. The motor fails because rain water enters the bearing at the top , on the one with the motor top shaft up. …because that rain shield (black “umbrella” cup) that throws off the water gets hard and then shrinks loose on shaft. Or is missing. I think Jamie Hyde found that valve guide seals fix that, or glue old one to shaft with  360 weatherstrip cement ---but motor may be already wrecked..Either thing will happen again, (if not already happened ) on a replacement one from another car. . Heads up.


I have taken to drilling .060 hole in center of bottom of lower bearing assembly ( can do without taking apart) lets you put a drop of oil in on bench but more important if water gets in it will leak out. It turns into a big ball of rust in there otherwise as the water puddles up in the bottom cover . Rusts badly, seizes brushes and shaft will not turn. Corrodes that circuit breaker/overload  contact too. Trying to fix that issue almost always pops out the bronze ball held by spring fingers and riveted plate..pretty much done for then.  


If working on car generally, check that little cup if loose or not sealed put a band of weatherstrip adhesive or rtv there ; water loves little gaps or  crevices it goes right  through cup along shaft , through top bearing space and inside. .


Be very careful taking apart..that spring can get you bad. Almost got me first time , when you pull off  gearbox, it will snap REALLY hard.. Drill quarter inch hole and bolt it steady , or if insurance paid up, vise grips


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Does anyone on the list have a good working power window motor c/w transmission to fit the passenger front door of a 1962 chrysler? What other years or model cars used the identical unit?  Shipping would be to zip 83826 in Idaho.

Thanks from Fern in cold and snowy Cranbrook SE BC  and Wishing You All the Very Best for the Holiday Season.


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