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Re: [Chrysler300] A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, said the Roman Emperor


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On 12/14/2016 7:42 PM, 'Rob Kern' robkern@xxxxxxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] wrote:

Hello 300’ly to All!
    I have read all the entries regarding the pros and cons about changing our Club list server mode of operation.  I belong to several other car clubs for Chevy SSR, Ford Thunderbird, Hellcat, Challenger, Cadillac  and Corvair, all of which have the Forum and Thread set up.  I really appreciate the way our Club list server is organized.  One has to hunt for threads, get key words in search for threads, scroll through forums, etc. which is cumbersome and always gives me the impression that I am in an informational black hole and miss things.  In our way of doing things it gets out to everyone at the same delivery and they all have a crack at it and increase the chance for responsiveness  to queries.  Plus a lot of times in forum mode an issue will be out there and will remain for years with no updated responses.  Many times I will open our list server and find requests that jog my memory or hit on something I recently dealt with in our 300 life and can respond positively to help a club member.  The other type of information organization pigeon holes things and limits exposure.  I prefer the way we have it.  Also, on the journey to the forum discussion, I think it is of upmost importance that we be very mindful of how fortunate we are as a Club to have our Electronic Communications Committee do all that they do voluntarily and with great care and diligence.  Also communication is monitored to make sure that our list server guidelines are followed.  They do a fabulous job and give of their talent and time tirelessly.  A majority of these list servers I belong to have many times unkind and arrogant responses and have a great tendency to develop threads that are not related to the vehicles but stand as forums for discussing social and political issues. No thank you.  Keep our family alert and responsive to our queries and keep the exposure open to all our minds by placing it on our doorstep.  More exposure fosters the participation of many minds of great experience in a kindly fashion.  I prefer not to have our club drive to the forum.  Rob Kern


Posted by: EMills_ATC <millserat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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