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Re: [Chrysler300] 4-speed equipped 1963 Dodge


Yes - Dick Landy and Ronnie Sox and others had 4 speed B Body race Hemi‎ cars with the new Process 833. They dominated Super Stock in the late '60's. Once in a while Grumpy Jenkins (in a Chevy) or Dyno Don (in a Ford) won but the Hemi's were "Voodoo" (just like their old ads said.)


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Just to supplement the 4-speed thread....

I owned a 1963 B-body convertible that was factory equipped with a 4-speed transmission.

Galen Govier documented it as one of 17 built that year with a GM (General Motors) supplied transmission.

Sadly,  to me anyway, , the factory engine was a poly-head 318 2 barrel.

I recall some heated discussion in the past to the published availability of a 4-speed available in the 300 J

and to my knowledge it has never been completely disputed. (The rumor persists that there is one out there) The trans would have had to be an outsourced

unit, not a New Process 833.

Finally, I believe there were 4-speed equipped Hemi B-body SuperStocks with the NewProcess 833s

My .02 cents

Jeff Miklas


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