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Re: [Chrysler300] 4-speed equipped 1963 Dodge

The A833 was available in late ‘63 for the 64 models.  The T10 was only available for 383 engines or smaller in 63 as they wouldn’t stand the torque of the 413’s.   They designed it to “handle” the 426 max wedges.   The A833 was Chrysler’s car 4-speed for everything in 64.  The 64-65’s still had the output flange for the ball & trunnion  driveshaft,  66 & later had slip yoke.   Lynn
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Subject: RE: [Chrysler300] 4-speed equipped 1963 Dodge

Hi Jeff not sure what you mean with last part..ALL  426 hemi 4 speeds were factory 833? There were lots of those… I still have a ten spline one from 70 HemiCuda that I changed to TF.

Was 300L 360 HP REALLY an 833?  That is new to me… L consultant must know…!

When exactly did 833 appear? I do not know, probably first in late 63? The 413 max wedge of 62  were 3 speeds when sticks,  and there was a lot of contemporary controversy about the “ushiftable” early “new” Chrysler 61 box, as alluded to before here. I do think some Max Wedge (at least) got the T 85 3 speeds, the strongest fast shifting box then, ,if you buy street experience. (used by 406 /427 Ford , Stude behind Packard in Hawk,  and others) .

Rich is right , 61 Chrysler “new” 3 speed  was durable behind big cu in, high torque , driven normally , --big gears, but -----one really hard fast shift broke the syncro pins off, they usually fell into the gear mesh and destroyed it. Note how no three speed stick 300F. They had a problem. Pre 60 3 speeds have “glass gears”, really a weak Plymouth/ Dodge  trans.  That fast shift was called abuse by Chrysler, but T 85 had no problems with ‘power shifting”--- grabbing lever at WOT than pulling it without clutch (my craziness is showing); T 10 4 spd could take that too in a Corvette, cone type syncros will just slip if they cannot sync the gears . No tapered pins to have to align first, and break off if they do not . A friend , Walter G from Cambridge did that power shift all the time in 270 HP 2-4bbl 60 vette, 3;70 gears , all his V belts would turn over , or blow off, had to be at 6500 rpm. He was crazy , but he beat 315 hp 4;11 fuel vettes all the time. Guy could really drive. I bring that up as he broke the Vette shift handle right off at the floor one day doing that. So nothing gentle going on here.  “GM supplied transmission” is maybe better said a T10, it was the corvette box?? …I think nothing else was in production?  No other 4 speeds were around yet? Muncie later than all this—I think ? I am not however sure of when Muncie came in, so I defer to others. . I am not sure GM actually built them (the T 10 --maybe they did?) it was at first a  BW 4 speed box widely used by GM, and in Studebaker’s  later Hawks too.. We called it BW T10 in the day. In particular , desirable aluminum case ones were around in 62 for sure, maybe earlier. And many mopar 383 4 speed , like Dodges, had them too , I think, although I remember later than 63 . That rare 63 you mention may have been a forerunner ; it seemed every Chevy 300hp 327 SS coupe in 62 had a T10 4 speed. 409 too. They were fast too. And trans held a 327 ok.

Related to power shift, Chrysler even published a race only procedure to remove most of the teeth on the shift sliding collar , and the meshing  parts it hits on,  to give a higher chance of a successful power shift happening,  without grinding on the syncro dog clutch points… more open space to go right in, but what a slam when it catches/ hits. “Banzai shift “ we called it. I remember a great video showing a row of 426 hemis bang shifting at 6000 rpm by hydraulic cylinders,  no clutch,  testing this stuff over and over  at factory. Also why Dana 60 was with hemi stick only.

Was Muncie / GM trans out in 63 ?? was another way to look at that. Not disputing anything at all---just trying to get actual names of the transmissions correct . great subject…


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Just to supplement the 4-speed thread....

I owned a 1963 B-body convertible that was factory equipped with a 4-speed transmission.

Galen Govier documented it as one of 17 built that year with a GM (General Motors) supplied transmission.

Sadly,  to me anyway, , the factory engine was a poly-head 318 2 barrel.

I recall some heated discussion in the past to the published availability of a 4-speed available in the 300 J

and to my knowledge it has never been completely disputed. (The rumor persists that there is one out there) The trans would have had to be an outsourced

unit, not a New Process 833.

Finally, I believe there were 4-speed equipped Hemi B-body SuperStocks with the NewProcess 833s

My .02 cents

Jeff Miklas


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