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It didn’t sell, seller wanted 80k.  Highest offer was 72 as of Saturday afternoon.  I looked over the car and felt the 55 price was fair.  The quality of the paint/body work was average at best.  That was with me looking at it in a semi dark tent, much less in the light.  The black 300G showed that a higher level restoration can draw an above average price.  Mecum in general is a place to find nice driver cars and a few gems like the 300G.  I looked over the 61 imperial, but didn’t purchase as the restoration was done with the hood closed.  They didn’t pull the motor to paint the engine bay. Spent who knows how much redoing the trim, even the light pods, but not under the hood.  Seller wanted 32,500, bid was around 26-27.  

I purchased a 66 imperial convertible for 29,700 out the door.  I have a 65 imperial that’s nicely done, this will go well.  It’s a high driver quality that needs a few k in detail work, but nothing serious.  Heavily optioned car that I had looked at online a few times.  

Heading to Barrett Thursday to take a look at a few things, but don’t see myself buying.  I’ll be going offsite to look at some interesting things however :).

Mike McCandless

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Watched it on TV - High bid was $55,000 - don't think that it was sold.
Doug Warrener

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Any word on what the red 300H convertible sold for at the Meccum Auction this weekend?


Posted by: Mike McCandless <my65cuda@xxxxxxx>

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