[Chrysler300] early club publications/radio repair
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[Chrysler300] early club publications/radio repair

Hi all,


I had a chance email discussion with Bob Merritt , about an article I wrote long ago (late 70’s? ) on problems in the 300 F radio, but also works for many hybrid tube/transistor radios around that time; we were exchanging info about tech list, and “how I did it”  which has a lot of new , good things on it--- in past few years,---mainly due to Bob’s careful editing and putting this truly helpful stuff , born of experience, on there.


For instance Les Fairbanks’ excellent design for a back wheel drum puller, which I knew nothing about, ----(going to get one!) and many of the questions asked on the list server are answered in detail there..almost like a FAQ thing (not my favorite way to get info either..but, still…) . Thank you to Bob!


Why this message,  is I looked through the very early scanned mailings that are on there, and after that early 70’s, it refers to e storage? But club e storage starts in 2000 or so? I was looking for the radio article to move to tech session, but was unable to locate it. Maybe someone has that radio issue ? around late 70’s -1980? Then we can put it where it might help. I may be at fault for not knowing where they are to search them, and I did see that write up once,--- but maybe someone has it,  or how to look at back issues? I did find I joined club in 74….! Cannot be 43 years…


Comments welcome/….




Posted by: "John Grady" <jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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