[Chrysler300] My 53 Birthday
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[Chrysler300] My 53 Birthday

My goodness another year has come and gone.  Today is my birthday.  Yes sir I was built on January 17, 1964.  I may be 53 years old; but I feel like I am still in my prime. Back in my day I could whip most cars with one carburetor tied behind my back.  Oh, oh I better calm down, my present caretaker gets worried when I get all racy.
Anyway, here is why I am writing to my 300 brothers.  When my current caretaker received me; I had a set of wheels that were too young, chrome plated and a set of tires that were too old, 4 inch white walls.  He has already got me some things to bring me back to my youth; a nice set of black steel wheels and a set of 1 inch white walls.  We are still not out of the woods, because he bought me 15 lnch wheels and tires.  So he is wondering if anyone has a set of, or individual hubcaps from a 1961, 1962 or 1963 300; that they would part with?  After all it would not be very dignified for a refind older gentleman like myself, to show up at the Spring Meet with his wheel nuts exposed.  The caretaker is older than I am and he needs a little help also.  It seems like he is having a hard time cranking his old neck around to see where he is going when he backs me up.  Besides the wheel covers, does anyone have a right hand exterior mirror block; that they would part with for a 1963 or 1964 Chrysler?  If you have any of these goodies collecting dust on a shelf, give the old guy (Bill Elder, Canada) a shout.


The Buff Ram K


Posted by: Bill Elder <belder1971@xxxxxxxxx>

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