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RE: [Chrysler300] Wipers 1964 K

Hi, Harry:


Here are some things to help you with your detective work.


First:   The wipers should park after operation, after the wiper switch is turned completely off and so long as the ignition switch is left in the ACC or RUN position.


Second:  Make sure the wiper switch is completely off.  There is a stiff detent at the full counter-clockwise position.  If you stop at the detent, the Park feature will not be powered.


Third:  Make sure all of the following are working:  Varying speeds for the wipers as adjusted by the knob, the windshield washer pump (button in the middle of the wiper switch knob) and the backup lights (when in Reverse, of course).  All with the ignition switch in ACC or RUN position.  All of these, plus the wiper park feature, are fed through the same circuit breaker on the back of the wiper switch.  This will confirm the other electro-mechanical functions of the switch are working properly—and maybe increase confidence in the powering of the Park function in the wiper switch.


Fourth, carefully read pages 8-73 through 8-78 of the Service Manual at John Holst’s site: Especially Page 8-78—Trouble shooting.  The variable-speed wiper system is fairly complex with several modes of failure of the Park feature.  In the Park position of the switch, the wiper motor reverses rotation and the linkage changes.


Fifth:  See the emboldened sentences below.


Circuitry, connections and functionality.


There are two pairs of wires from the wiper switch to the wiper motor.  A red plus a yellow pair for the fields and a black + white tracer wire plus a dark blue wire pair for the Armature and Park functions, respectively.  Each pair is connected to pigtails from the motor with two pole connectors.  These wires and connectors should be visible under the dash when viewed from just to the right of the console.  The colors of the wires from the switch to the connector and connector to motor must be the same.  It’s unlikely there is any problem here if the wipers themselves work properly at all speeds.  I’m pretty sure the park circuitry is in the wiper motor itself and the manual gives instructions on external mechanical adjustments.   Power is maintained to the wiper arms until the wipers are parked and the circuit opens.  This is a pretty simple circuit but would involve an internal electro-mechanical switch.  Wear, age and corrosion could do a job within the motor.  Try turning off the wipers at different positions of the wiper arc.  The power for the park feature comes through the dark blue wire.  The switch is set up to feed power to this wire only after the wiper switch is turned completely off.  The ignition switch must be in either the ACC or RUN position until the wipers are parked.  If the ignition switch is turned off before park is initiated and completed, the wipers will stop wherever they are. 


I note that the four wires each go through additional single connections—probably soldered and enclosed in rubber sleeves—all on the back of the motor.  From these connectors, short wire leads go to different locations on the motor.  To check the switch, I would disconnect the black and blue pair connector near the motor and determine if there is a +12V signal on the dark blue wire there with the ignition switch on and the windshield wiper switch completely  off.  If there is no Voltage there, the problem would be in the wiper switch or at its connection of the dark blue wire on the back of the wiper switch.  (Check this connection on the back of the wiper switch before looking elsewhere.   If the dark blue wire connector is off or loose, this would be the easiest fix.  You should be able to view, or at least feel, the back of the wiper switch from under the dash.  Each of the black and blue pair are individually connected to separate double spades on the back of the wiper switch.)


I also note that some of the wire connections to the motor on its back are soldered, are exposed and a little delicate.   Inadvertent rough handling of a/c duct, radio or other items in the vicinity could have broken a wire where it is soldered to or enters the motor.


Best wishes for an easy fix.  Please let us know what you find.


Rich Barber

Sunny Brentwood, CA  (We just love picking oranges in January!)


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Just got my 300 back from mechanics shop, they fixed a lot of stuff, but more needs to be done by me. Does anyone how to fix wipers that do not park or was that the way they were?




Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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