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RE: [Chrysler300] Parts manual

Oop’s I meant 20 MB file, but still too large to attach to email.


Here is a link to download the manual via dropbox.


Scott Tozzi


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Scott - A better idea would be to put it on Dropbox or similar cloud-based storage. Then post the url to the file. Methinks you'll never send a 20 gb file successfully over email.



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I scanned the parts manual.  I have it as a PDF.  I also made it searchable, so you can search by a part number or word.

I have to split it.  The file is 20 gb.  I’ll send it in two separate emails.  You can recombine it on your end if you want.  This one is 604 pages. 


Scott Tozzi


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We have a complete 1960 Service Manual for our car, but does anyone know if there is a separate, full parts manual available? And if so, is there anyone reproducing them? We're looking for exploded parts diagrams for each of the car's components.

As always, any help or advice is appreciated.

Shannon Steele
300F convertible (in final paint, going back together (slowly) now)

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Posted by: "Scott Tozzi" <toz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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