Re: [Chrysler300] 1964 300 tail pipe hangers or OEM pieces
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Re: [Chrysler300] 1964 300 tail pipe hangers or OEM pieces

Rich, and Group,Those are OEM correct hangers.  I am currently away from my garage, working on Highways again.All is needed is the upper bracket for Waldrons Exhaust to remove, blast, and recoat, then re-assemble.
They quoted me 40 bucks apiece for complete redo, I would add 3/4"  due to rubber shrinkage.
Still working on these.  I saw them in Accurate Exhaust catalogue for the B body Dodge, but need to compare side by side.I have not heard if they are same as OEM.

    On Sunday, February 5, 2017 2:26 AM, Rich Barber <c300@xxxxxxx> wrote:

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The clamp packages are different for the front support, also.  Our car has a later 383 single-exhaust engine in it now, awaiting an overhauled & date-correct 413 ram engine.  Other information from AMA spec’s & Parts Manual 
|    | 413 CID-360HP | 413 CID-390 HP |
| Exhaust Pipe OD/Wall thickness | 2.25/0.083 | 2.50/0.083 |
| Tail Pipe OD/Wall thickness | 2.00/0.048 | 2.25/0.075 |
| Tail Pipe Support-Front-Part No. | 2123440 | 2401611 |
| Tail Pipe Support-Rear-Part No. | 2203680 | 2203680 |

  This indicates the front muffler hanger is different for ram and non-ram K’s.  The rear supports are both the same but have different clamps due to the different tail pipe diameter.  I hope you find a better-documented example and one in better condition of an original rear tail pipe support than mine.  It will be difficult to get either or both of mine off and I can’t be absolutely sure the support brackets are original.   Let me know if you strike out elsewhere and if you think my support brackets would be of value in the project and I will try to remove mine for the cause.  And it is a good cause.  What would be super cool is to have the metal parts fabricated from aluminized steel to reduce corrosion—and have bolts & rivets made of corrosion-resistant materials.  Sign me up for a complete set of hangers/supports, clamps, nuts, bolts and lock washers, if appropriate,  for our ram K.  If I can assist in any way, please let me know.  Rich Barber1801 Redwine TerraceBrentwood, CA 94513-6000Home: (925) 513-6583Cell:  (925) 783-4893e-mail:  c300@xxxxxxx      From: Chrysler300@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:Chrysler300@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Dave Dumais dave.dumais@xxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300]
Sent: Saturday, February 04, 2017 10:30 AM
To: Chrysler 300 List <chrysler300@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [Chrysler300] 1964 300 tail pipe hangers or OEM pieces    Hi Group,  Once again, I am seeking 64 300 tail pipe support hangers, especially the bracket to frame sections.  If there is a broken or rusty support in the shed or junk pile, it would be of use.  I am trying to get them refabricated and riveted for the Club, and myself.  I have the bracket that  has a tang, that goes inside the frame, then bolts into a speed nut.  That's my current project.  Happy Winter,  Dave703-300-5997    


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Posted by: Dave Dumais <dave.dumais@xxxxxxxxx>

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