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Re: [Chrysler300] Re: Upshift RPM CI Torqueflite

Good observation, Jamie. I've been thinking about this. After watching George Riehl go through several transmissions and looking at the manual(s), I think just doing the basic rebuild is not too difficult. The real expertise comes in if the rebuilder can identify problems by looking at the parts.

Andy, 300 editor
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300 related content follows,
Don Varity rebuilt my J transmission, and also my 73 Duster transmission. I have not yet had a chance to test my J, but the Duster is very happy with his rebuild. Had a problem with it short shifting and then run away revs on manual shifting , Don tracked it down to the fact that someone had drilled holes in the separator plate and modified the valve body. What amazed me was that Don knew that by just inspection, How many so called transmission “experts” would know to look at the brain of the transmission, but he did.
This is another reason for you to attend the upcoming 300 spring meet in Geneva NY as Don Verity is hosting a seminar on transmissions right in our hotel on Thursday night. You can visit the legend himself in person. I think all autographs are free, the seminar is free as well, so register today for Fins in the Finger Lakes!
Jamie Hyde
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Posted by: Andy Mikonis <r41hp@xxxxxxxxx>

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