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RE: [Chrysler300] 1961 300 G

It's not just you Jean, I think it is the same guy.  I also spoke with John Hertog about this person 12 years ago, and I have gotten at least one call from an interested party looking at a "300G" with a NY'er VIN.  The story I heard is that he got into legal trouble for what he was doing because of tampering with VIN plates and misrepresentation of restored cars, even some conversions of coupes to converts.  Caveat Emptor.





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Is it just me or the name Dave Glassel rings a bell as someone who was mentioned before on this list server (many years ago by John Hertog).  Glassel made a specialty of cutting up  2 door cars( NY's , Saratoga's etc...) and switched VIN tags transforming or "cloning" them into converts??... he would then  re sell them as real factory converts??? 

I'm not saying it's the case with this car, but having the VIN would make checking that easy... buyer beware?

Jean-Yves Chouinard.


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Ebay has a car for sale that is Imperial Silver with a red interior. I asked the seller if this was original and received the following answer. This would make following it's history a problem at best. VIN number would be nice to have. John...

New message from: daveglassel (52 Blue Star)

This car came with a Red Interior. It was pulled off the assembly line for a special order build for a Chrysler Show in California. Painted Imperial Silver and with a Red Leather Interior. The data plates were never changed and show it to be a white with tan interior. Hope that answers your questions......Dave


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