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I was with John we got some looks a little Dakota pick up pulling a black G on a car trailer loaded with
Parts through the mountains of West Virginia. I really miss those road trips and John.
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Hi Terry.
I too drove "Golden" but to the Louisville meet in fall of '01.  John was driving our car.  It had disc brakes by then but as I recall, the stopping wasn't all that much better than any other 300 with good drums.  By the way, when John was still driving Golden while following me through the mountains of western Maryland, I was doing my usual and driving too fast so John got pulled by a local trooper for speeding.  Picture a gold Chrysler 300 G sporting New York plates speeding through Md.  Think John stuck out from the crowd?  Anyway, I pulled over too when I saw John get pulled in my rear view mirror.  Though we were speeding pretty good, turns out that all the cop really wanted was to get a close look at Golden.  John was really happy, saying that this was the first time that he didn't get a ticket.  I think I took over driving Golden the rest of the way to the meet right there on I-70w.    
Golden was a 999 code as per the micro film and Gil signed off on the gold color and the primer in 2000.  Earlier, we had scoped it out closely with a flashlight while on the trailer in our driveway while John was resting before heading off to Long Is.  He was on his way back home after buying it.  He never hit Long Is. before midnight.  Why does anyone even remotely want to live in "The City" [metro]???
Is our 2 cents worth...
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Terry McTaggart here.  I drove Golden once, at which meet I forget.  As I recall, at the time it was not a pleasant driving car, as the brakes were almost non-existant.


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