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Agree with all that. The inside of the auto pilot unit can benefit from light lubrication also.

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Hi Harry,  as far as the speedometer cable , I would check to see if it has any links I the housing. Also remove the cable from he housing. Check the condition and if it's dry lube it before you put it back in the housing.

With the cable disconnected from the speedometer  it would be nice if you had a short piece of cable so you can put one end in a drill and the other end in the speedometer head. Spin the cable and see if the speedometer  is jumping. There might be a place to lube the speedometer head. There is on the 61 and 62 speedometer. Add a drop of oil and spin slowly to spread the oil. Then add another drop or and spin some more. Repeat until it spins freely with no bumping.
Hope this helps.


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