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Re: [Chrysler300] Another edition of the ENews

Regarding the picture of an engine tag in the E news, I think it's a warranty block tag.

I had a 60 Dodge Polara coupe at one point and it had a replacement engine that was changed when the car was still under warranty. The engine had a tag on it, held in place on the block just like this red tag with a small round nail/rivet...the block ID pad was blank on that warranty block, but this tag identified the engine. Mine was a 361 (Canadian built Polaras had Matador engines) and the code stamped on the tag was 0134.

The engine block codes are listed in section 9-01-24 of the 1960 Chrysler parts book.  The code 0133 stamped  on the E-news block tag is not listed in the 1960 Chrysler I don't know what engine it is for...later or earlier engine????

Thank you Bob for the great job you do on the E news! I like it!


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Another edition of the ENews
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to see what is new.


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