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Re: [Chrysler300] G data tag decode

Mine was under the rear seat. I have heard of over or behind the glove box and under the floor rug also. Some have found 2 or more in their cars.
Was told by several former plant workers that the employee was responsible for getting rid of his shift trash at the end of the day, and to solve that they stuffed each cars sheet into the upholstery to dispose of it. End of shift, no trash.  Makes sense!

On Tue, Apr 4, 2017 at 10:39 AM, Richard Osborne reomotorsports1@xxxxxx [Chrysler300] <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Mike,

I found the build sheet for my G in-between the floorboard and the sound deadener in the front on the passenger side. This was in remarkably great condition. There was also a copy under the console, it was laid over the seat mechanism. But this one had totally disintegrated.

Best regards,

Richard Osborne

On Apr 3, 2017, at 4:49 PM, Michael Ashmore michael.ashmore@xxxxxxx [Chrysler300] <> wrote:

I was wondering if Chrysler did put the "build sheet" behind or underneath the rear seat. Is it usually behind the drivers side rear seat back?  Does anyone know how to remove the rear seats in a 300?
Thanks for all your help!
This car has been sitting for 30 years without being started. I'm happy to say we have her (Lucy) running, moving and stopping!
Mike Ashmore

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On Apr 3, 2017, at 12:23 PM, 'Rich Barber' c300@xxxxxxx [Chrysler300] <> wrote:


At some time in the past, this ad appeared and included some interpretation of a 300G 2DHT Data Plate:             or:            


Picking out and parsing the posted list from the ad shows this:


TRIM PLATE also referred to as DATA Plate 

REGION #73= San Francisco

Dealer Code #: 09291= Reno, NVBerrmann & Wilson, Inc. 

Body Type:                          842= 2 Door Hardtop

Color:                                    WW1= Alaskan White

Trim:                                     883= Beige Leather 

A/C:                                       1= Air Conditioning & includes Heater

Radio:                                   8= Golden Touch Tuner incl. Rear Seat Speaker

Tinted Glass:                      1= All Windows

Tires:                                     96= Bluestreak Nylon WSW 8.00 X 15 (5)

Axle Ratio:                           2= 3.23

Power Equipment:           3= Seat

Defogger:                            9 = Rear Window

Differential:                        9 = Sure Grip

Vent System:                     7 = Closed Crankcase

Instrument Panel:            1 = Safety Padded 

Shipped Date: February 24th, 1961 MSRP of 1961 300G 2/Door Sport Hard Top: $5413.00MSRP of Convertible: $5843.00 

Optional Equipment Offered in 1961 for 300G 

383 = Remote Control LH outside Mirror = $18 

293 = Power Front Seats = $101.90 

422 = Golden Tone Radio = $99.80 

427 = Golden Tone Radio with Rear Speaker = $117.10 

423 = Golden Touch Tune Radio = $124.10 

428 = Golden Touch Tune Radio with rear Speaker = $141.40 

429 = Rear Shelf Radio Speaker = $17.30 

441 = Solex Tinted Glass (all windows) = $43.10 

306 = Acc Grp. Golden Touch Tune Radio W/rear Speaker / Heater/ Rear window Defogger/ Power Antenna & Grp A= $302.55 

301 = Acc Grp A .. Door edg...


Another posting has the list below-referenced to a Sales Code list and is consistent with the list above—but more complete.  I recently purchased a similar 1962-65 “Production Option Code Book”, published by Galen Govier and I’m guessing the posting below came from a similar Govier publication.              The posting also has similar lists for ALL 1955-1961 Chryslers!  Check it out.  Correlation to letter codes on a Data Plate/Fender Tag are not shown.  Not all equipment on or in a car is shown on these plates.  The Club service of interpreting the original IBM build card tells much more and a Track Sheet tends to tell all.  All owners should check behind the rear-seat back for a Track Sheet which has all elements of the car shown. 


1961 300G 

Engine Start No.............N/A 
Serial Start No............ N/A 
$5,413 HT Coupe 
$5,843 Convertible 

Options & Accessories 

311 = Air Conditioning, Unit W/Heater = $510.40 
313 = Air Conditioning. Ordered with Accessory Grp # 306 = $408.50 
324 = Power Operated Radio Antenna = $25.90 
617 = Permanent Antifreeze = $5.90 
387 = Crankcase Vent System ( required on CALI Cars ) = $5.20 
339 = Rear Window Defogger (HT only) = $20.85 
298 = Vacuum Door Locks = $36.60 
379 = Sure Grip Differential = $51.70 
315 = Custom Conditionaire Heater = $101.90 
383 = Remote Control LH outside Mirror = $18 
293 = Power Front Seats = $101.90 
422 = Golden Tone Radio = $99.80 
427 = Golden Tone Radio with Rear Speaker = $117.10 
423 = Golden Touch Tune Radio = $124.10 
428 = Golden Touch Tune Radio with rear Speaker = $141.40 
429 = Rear Shelf Radio Speaker = $17.30 
441 = Solex Tinted Glass (all windows) = $43.10 
306 = Acc Grp. Golden Touch Tune Radio W/rear Speaker / Heater/ Rear widow Defogger/ Power Antenna & Grp A= $302.55 
301 = Acc Grp A .. Door edge Protectors, Rear licence plate frame & Vanity Mirror = $10.50 

Paint Codes.............. Ditzler Combination 
BB-1 = Formal Black .................. 9000 
PP-1 = Mardi Gras Red ...................... 71203 
RR-1 = Cinnamon ....................... 71140 
WW-1 = Alaskan White ..................... 8218 

888 = Special order Upholstery 
999 = Special Order Paint


For the data plate in question, the numbers on line 4 and under the letters on line 3 tie together with the numbers generally being the last digit of a Sales/Option Code.

A reasonable interpretation would be:  

Under SO = 0315 = Part of scheduling system—in date format = March 15, 1961—the approximate date of assembly (Beware the ides of March)

Under NUMBER = 1179:  the first digit 1 = Assembly Line 1 (?); the 179 indicates this is the 179th car to be assembled on this assembly line on the SO date.

Under BDY = 842 = Chrysler 300 2DHT

Under TRM = 833 = Tan leather seating

Under PNT = PP1 = Mardi Gras Red.   The same letter twice indicates the roof and lower body color are the same-as does the digit 1.  A two-tone car would have different letters and a 2 after the letters.  



The 1’s under letters N & V Could correspond to Solex tinted glass-all windows and A/C & heater.  Taken in option-code order, the N1 would be A/C and V1 would be tinted glass.  Tinted glass in all windows is often required for A/C cars.

The 3 under the T could stand for power seat, Remote-control rear-view mirror or Golden Touch-Tune radio.  

The second list suggests the 4 under the P could be a power antenna.


N1:       311 = Air Conditioning, Unit W/Heater 

P4:       324 = Power Operated Radio Antenna 

T3?:     293 = Power Front Seats 

T3?:     383 = Remote Control LH outside Mirror 

T3?:     423 = Golden Touch Tune Radio 

V1:       441 = Solex Tinted Glass (all windows) 


This can’t be a new question so I’ll bet others can clarify or correct.


Rich Barber

Brentwood CA (Glorious Spring Day)



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How would the average person convert the codes on this data plate?


Not the bottom two lines of the tag, it is the
N1, P4, T3, and V1 that he would like an explanation.

Ray Jones. Y'all come on down an see us. Ya hear?


Posted by: Ray Jones <1970hurst@xxxxxxxxx>

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