RE: [Chrysler300] Metal-Free 300C Convert for Sale
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RE: [Chrysler300] Metal-Free 300C Convert for Sale

Actually this is about the shape of one (Gauguin 300C convert) I got a few years back from Bruce Brownell (and ok with that deal) … all fixed now. It had a roof over it, so dash was restorable,  stored many years in an open front shed, but the sitting on dirt like that,  is what really kills it . What strikes me is just like the one I had,  when it sits like that,  there will be no frame at all left ,or floors, * ---but the engine seems to be intact in it, but probably a bad block, due to freeze or rusted cylinders…..not known. Any value is in the engine….big risk, And all of dash trim and instruments must be trash.


The largest fairly intractable problem*, after no frame, was/is  the lower front door post / hinge area –the structural sheet metal down low was just 100% gone, nothing structural left where lower post joins at floor  , many pieces in there ,had to all hand fabbed ,--- as try to get inner body structural repair parts for a 57 Chrysler convert . There are none.


This price of 25 k crazy ,maybe worth 8-10. My .02.   Still in a $ hole after fixing , even if bought for 10.


If younger…it is possible.


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Someone should get the whole vin so we can see if it shows up “all restored” as a fake car. He even mentions re-body in the ad. I see some worth while parts, but that is all it is, a parts car.



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Posted by: "John Grady" <jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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