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RE: [Chrysler300] 64K remote power brake booster



I had the remote booster on our ’64 300K (ram) conv. rebuilt from a rusty-crusty, out-of-service condition by Power Brake Exchange.  They did a great job—even including machining a replacement piston.  It works fine.  They also rebuilt the P/B booster on our ’55 C-300.  I have no idea where they find the obsolete parts but they git-er-dun.  These remote boosters are not uncommon on heavy trucks so some critical parts may be interchangeable and available. 


Just a reminder:  The firewall-mounted non-boosted master cylinder must have its outlet “check valve” removed on ram-engined cars with the remote booster.  Otherwise, it is the same MC as a non-power brake car.  The mounting plate on the firewall is different for boosted and non-boosted MC’s.


PBE currently has the steering box from a ’64 at their Bell Gardens (LA area) shop.  I expect another satisfactory job on this rusty-crusty core I borrowed to expedite R&R on our 300K which has a lot of slop in the (tilt) steering wheel.


Michael Weller, General Manager

Power Brake Exchange

260 Phelan Ave.

San Jose, CA 95112



e-mail, from their website: charlespitts@xxxxxxxxxxxxx   I’ve no idea if this address is relevant or current.



Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA



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Is there a rebuild kit available for the remote power brake booster for a  64K? I’m in need of a control valve diaphragm.  Is there a company that supplies the kits? Or is there a company I can trust for a complete rebuild?   I tried Booster Dewey in Portland, and he doesn’t do the remote.


Tom Bradshaw


Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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