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Laugh at this subject if you want but here is a fact for you:
Way back 21/2 years ago (no telling what it is like now), we went to a large east coast car show.
All day long there was a drone flying around.  We thought it was a  kid's toy.
At the end of the show a young guy was doing a burn out while leaving.
The drone was there watching.
Suddenly cops came from everywhere surrounding this young guy and his car; we are sure thay charged him with something - anything, you know how cops are now.
The drone was the cops!  They had been spying on everybody all day long.  But at a car show on a Little League stadium parking lot ????
And all of this for one little burnout??????
This is not so funny the way we see it.
True story.
Stay tuned, what's next?
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Unless you have rider on your insurance policy, most companies will not cover damage from a droan "accident".

Jim B

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Watch out for the drones they use to spot those using their hands to call on a cell phone. 

BTW Jamie, are drones allowed at the Meet? 

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Several members have asked me if all cell phone use in the car is not allowed? The answer, only the Driver is required to be hands and text free, passengers can talk and text away. Spring is slowly coming to the Central NYS region, we are a week away from our event and the final touches are being down to ensure that this is a memorable spring meet. But since Bob and I had very little time to prepare and since I have been out of the country for a while, I am sure that we will encounter some glitches, so please bear with us as we sort them out. We look forward to your safe arrival.
Jamie Hyde
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