RE: [Chrysler300] 300K Tilt Schematics?
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RE: [Chrysler300] 300K Tilt Schematics?

Well, my sad tale of woe triggered another interesting and informative thread. 


But, back to my issue:  I found this place that will rebuild a turn-signal switch cable for the Saginaw tilt-wheel steering columns that Chrysler began using in 1964.  In my 1964 Chrysler 300K, the wire end at the switch had broken off.  The switch-end of the cable has a little coil of the piano wire that fits over a plastic pin on the switch—which is mounted on the side of the steering-column tube—between the floor and the backside of the dashboard.  The switch is spring-loaded and attached to the outer coli of the Bowden cable so that the varying length of steering hub to the switch (as it tilts) may be held constant for the inner wire.  The sliding switch actuated by the wire is very sensitive to alignment and may need to have its inner brass contacts cleaned.  Not an impossible job to disassemble but watch out for tiny ball-bearings that may drop out into never-never land beneath the workbench.


Whilst Googling, I also found Bowden cable repair kits that might work on some of the other apps on our Brutes.  I’ll let your fingers do the walking.  Google “Bowden cable repair” to find hardware and you-tube instructions.


Rich Barber




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I found this source for heater cables.

Custom made to any length. Prices seem reasonable too.



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The tilt wheel option was first offered by Chrysler in 1964.  It was outsourced from Saginaw, a GM company.  This link takes one to a detailed service bulletin for the mechanicals of the system as installed in a Chevrolet:           The 1964 Chrysler Supplemental Service Manual covers the tilt wheel beginning on page 38:  Electrically, the system requires a short transition wiring loom piece to change from the GM wiring to the Chrysler loom.  A major difference is that the horn wire is included in the Chrysler connector but is separate in the GM wire bundle.

I have found that it is difficult to position the turn signal switch mounted near the floor board and that the Bowden cable from the hub to the switch was broken with no replacement available.  Length is critical.  I think my replacement came from a GTO, but can’t remember for sure.

Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA

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David & All

I too have the Tilt wheel, does yours telescope? Mine does. I need a center cap for the steering wheel, do you have an extra? Also, do you have an extra steering wheel? Mine is marginal, and finding parts as you know is difficult, so when some body has one I must ask, you never know who has parts, also, if someone has the exploded view, give it to David first, and if available I also can use one.

PS: supposedly, the tilt/telescope column was sourced from General Motors (perhaps a Saginaw?), may help in the exploration for parts.

Best Regards,
Stephen A. Noia
1-408-210-4736 cell

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Hi All,
I'm in the midst of replacing the turn signal in my Ram K (tilt wheel option). Might someone have an exploding view schematics on the wheel and steering column?

We can't find anything online.


David Morrison


Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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