RE: [Chrysler300] Repair or replacement of vacuum switch
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RE: [Chrysler300] Repair or replacement of vacuum switch



Grady Research (John Grady <jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>) did an overhaul/upgrade on my ’64 heater A/C control switch by replacing the deteriorated & sticky internal sliding plates that route the vacuum to the various doors.  You might want to do this reasonably-priced upgrade while you have it all apart.  No nipples needed replacing but I believe he does that, also.  The plastic nipples have a little bigger OD than 1/8” tubing.  Whilst searching for tubing to make a probe for testing the doors, I found a plastic ink tube from a ball-point pen was just about right.


I now have a spare non-A/C switch core for a ’64 Sport with all the nipples broken off if you or anyone needs that.  Internal condition unknown.  I also have blue and black instrument panels for ’63-’64 and various and sundry gauges, switches and 120 MPG speedo’s (small s) for same.


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA


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  OK, after 25 years of faultless service, my vacuum switch for the heater and vents on my 64 300-K has had half the nipples broken off by a mechanic.  I need to either replace the switch or have this one repaired.  My memory says there used to be a member that repaired them using brass to replace the plastic nipples.  I have looked in the backs of Brute Force and Chrysler Club News with no success.  I have also placed a call to J C Auto, and am awaiting a call back.  

 The part number (this is for a non-air conditioned car) is 2290 089.  This number appears on the switch and in the parts book as well.  Any ideas of leads would be appreciated.  Maybe I will think of a few more on my own after I cool down more.

Thank you,

Tim Tomlinson

W. Central IL. 


Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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