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Re: [Chrysler300] air cleaner


The few photos I've seen of these cars over the years have never shown such an air cleaner.  Does the "Deltawing" portion have the four ribs running fore and aft?  To my knowledge Chrysler was the ONLY one to have such for the two years they were used.  There were numerous units made for GM, Packard and possibly some others and all had different spacing between the carbs and different length and diameters on the necks.

Some years ago Bill Allen, Wayne Graefen and myself discovered the only PanAm NYer known to exist.  This was a car that was in the Detroit area and never made it to running in any events.  The car sat in the Rollie Barrett dealership when new and it took sometime for a sale.  As I recall it was a neighbor of the dealership owner that purchased it and stayed with that family until Wayne purchased it.  Bill drove up and saw the car as I recall and later Wayne Graefen purchased it and got it running.  There were many unique items to this car including a roller cam, dual carbs with separate air cleaners.  

This car which Wayne named Adam is a 1953 and beyond the items mentioned above it has a Powerflite and had Lambert Disc Brakes which I can't remember if they were there at the time of Wayne's purchase.  As usual Wayne did extensive research on the car but has since sold it to Owen Grigg of New Zealand.  Those mentioned in this post consider Adam to be a grandfather of the Letter Cars that arrived shortly afterwards.

Wayne brought Adam to Rob Kern's Oklahoma meet a few years ago where it was displayed.  If you go to this link you can see photos of this car and it's engine bay.

John Lazenby

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Has anyone ever seen a 54 New Yorker with the " Heavy Duty " package ?---dual 4 barrels along with some other modifications ?---I think about 14 or so were ordered with this package----I have an air cleaner here which is exactly like a 55-56 300---I know they are slightly different---except the collars which fit on carbs are almost 2 and one half inch's deep----this unit would never allow the hood to close on a 55-56---but the hood on a 54 would most likely close with this air cleaner installed-----I am wondering if this unit is from 54----Johnnie Slayton


Posted by: John Lazenby <french_fryguy@xxxxxxxxx>

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