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Re: [Chrysler300] air cleaner

When you say "This air cleaner is exactly like the 55-56 air cleaners" are you referring only to the Deltawing portion?  The pods were different between the years or at least a change somewhere along the way.  They appear to be the same on the outside but the inners are different and will not interchange.  I discovered this when restoring my 300B and at the same time had my C300 air cleaners assy painted.

Going back to the other makes that used this style system I don't recall every seeing a 1954 or earlier example on any of them.  In fact, the first I ever remember seeing was the C300.  In a private conversation with Wayne today he suggested it might be a 1956 De Soto Adventurer example but they did not have the four indentations so I guess that rules that one out.

George Riehl told me stories about some 1954 Imperials or NYer sedans that were sent across the country at high speeds to test special equipment or as he put it 300 engines with dual carbs.  Never did he mention the Deltawing assy but then I never asked.  He stated the drivers could do what ever they wanted but would be responsible for any tickets they received. 

I have no idea if any of these cars survived but have heard stories of one in the east and the owner will not share info with anyone.  This to my mind says maybe because they car does not exist or possibly a creation.

The Graefen-Grigg 1953 Adam car had Stellings and Hellings filters on it when discovered and they remain today.  I would think if the Deltawings were around then this car would have been equipped as such.  Early photos of the ECK race cars and possibly factory photos also show the S&H filters.

This is yet another example of why documentation of the history of our cars is so important as here we are over 60 years later trying to put a puzzle together without all of the pieces.

John Lazenby

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This air cleaner is exactly like the 55-56 300 air cleaners----except for the length of the collars----I have seen all of the others that were used on other makes so I know that this was never used except on Chryslers---if it wasn't used on the dual carb 54's---and I think there were a few 53's---most likely very late cars---what would it have been used on ?-----Dwight Eisenhower ----who was a big Chrysler fan---had a 54 with the dual fours----it was sold around 20 or so years ago-----I am pretty sure it was a sedan----Johnnie


Posted by: John Lazenby <french_fryguy@xxxxxxxxx>

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