RE: [Chrysler300] BURGERS, BRATS, and BURT event is coming next week!
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RE: [Chrysler300] BURGERS, BRATS, and BURT event is coming next week!

Keith -
It would be a great idea if you could have someone shoot a high quality video of his talk and then post it to YouTube. He's one of the few links to the past that is still around. A lot of us would like to hear what he has to say.

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The plans are now set in stone for our previously announced face-to-face chat with Burt Bouwkamp on Saturday, May 20! That's right. It's only a week and a half from now. We are inviting all who can come to spend a few hours over lunch and the afternoon at a "Burt Meet" at our home in Holland, Michigan. We'll have some burgers and brats off the grill, and then sit around shooting the bull with Burt about the old days at Chrysler. We'll have waters and sodas available too, so you really don't have to bring a thing. Just load some sunshine into the trunk of your Letter Car and bring that too if you can.

As you all surely know, Burt played a very pivotal role in several facets of engineering at Chrysler back when our Letter Cars were just rolling off the production line - and for many years after that too. Burt loves to tell the old stories, and we love to hear them. So this should be a memorable gathering for anyone who can make it here on that Saturday.

We already have two folks saying they are coming in from different places 500 miles away, and several more from a bit less than that. If there are too many of us for our lawn, we'll just spill over into the neighbor's. And if the weather is crappy, we'll crowd inside. It will be a great time no matter what.

Saturday, May 20

11:30 AM to mid-afternoon or so

Keith & Judy Boonstra residence
1208 Waukazoo Dr.
Holland, MI     49424
Keith's cell: 616.450.5428

This is planned to be a one-time-only event - a unique one you won't want to be left out of. So please email a reply to me if you can come, or phone me at 616.450.5428, so we have an idea how many to plan for.

The wives are welcome too - either to be with us, or to spend a few hours in beautiful downtown Holland. Tulip Time will be over, so navigating around town should be a snap.

Be here, or be square! Let me know.

Keith Boonstra



Posted by: "Ron Waters" <ronbo97@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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