Re: [Chrysler300] 55 spark plug tubes & spring tin clips
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Re: [Chrysler300] 55 spark plug tubes & spring tin clips

Thanks to all for your suggestions and resources.  We have found all but those spring clips.  Denny told me I have much more patience than he does so it will be my job to try Marshall’s suggestion.  Thanks a lot Marshall!!  I’ll let you know if I ever get them done.

Love the fact we have this list server.


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Machine bushing, they come in different thicknesses also
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The spark plug tubes are available from Hot Heads Research and Racing.  I'm not sure if you can buy just 3 from them, but I've bought 2 sets.  The steel washers are available in packs of 3 at Tractor Supply Company and are labeled "bushing".  In my files I should still have a part number for them, but I'll need to search for a bit to verify. The original spring clips might be hard to find, so I made 2 sets of them from an old recoil starter spring (from a lawn mower engine).  For that you need a good pattern and a little patience in proper bending.  Depending on the spring quality you might need to heat it a bit.
---------------Marshall Goodknight

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Hi all, hope someone can help us. 

We are looking for 4 aluminum plug tubes with steel washers and a set of spring clips to hold the wires apart for our C300. Does anyone have any extras or can you direct us to who might have what we need.

Thanks in advance.
Sharon and Denny Gerber





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