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Re: [Chrysler300] FW: Gary's update

Thanks Charlie

We have often thought about wishing we had the opportunity to help someone 
out that truly could use the help.  There are so many scams out there and 
people taking advantage of the system...

But we all know Gary has been an asset to many people for many many years, 
and we know that Gary and his family would do the same thing to help others 
as well.

Mike Ashmore
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Sent: Saturday, June 03, 2017 8:12 PM
Subject: Re: [Chrysler300] FW: Gary's update

Mike and Karen,
That is so thoughtful of you.

If we lived close to Gary we would do the exact same thing. I've often 
thought about the same thing.... " If only we lived closer to Gary we would 
be there to help him out ."
He provides an excellent service to those restoring a car.

Charlie Valentine
2,333 miles away in Stowe, PA

On Sat, 6/3/17, 'Michael Ashmore' michael.ashmore@xxxxxxx [Chrysler300] 
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 Subject: Re: [Chrysler300] FW: Gary's update
 To: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>, "Chrysler 300 Club Int. Server" 
 Date: Saturday, June 3, 2017, 12:11 AM

 My wife and I would love to be
 able to help Gary and his
 family. We are in Washington state and would like to come
 over and help
 with meals, cleaning, yard work, boxing up stuff,

 We are retired and would love to be
 able to help out only
 if Gary and his family would like us to do so. We would
 stay in a motel in
 Kalispell and make sure we would not be a burden or
 interfere with
 their family life.

 Please let us know if you think
 this would be

 Mike & Karen

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   'Rich Barber' c300@xxxxxxx
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 300 Club Int. Server

   Sent: Thursday, June
 01, 2017 6:56
 [Chrysler300] FW: Gary's

   Dear Friends,
   Fans and Customers of Gary Goers:

   I’m glad to
   share excerpts of a health and business update from Gary
 Goers. He went
   into some details of circulatory, healing and amputation
 plans that I’ve
   condensed. I’ll send you the entire gory details if
 you wish.
 are in no rush to
   do the necessary amputations until they are sure
 circulation will help healing
   after surgeries to remove a toe on one foot and the foot
 and ankle on the
   other. A hip replacement is in the cards, also.
 Extent of
 his complaining: “Gee, this is so much
   fun”. A true
   Mountain Man in so many ways.

   Gary is a very
   spiritual guy and deserving of prayers from those of us
 that are also on a
   first-name basis with our Maker.

   Gary is slowed
   down considerably and is under doctors’ care for severe
 leg and foot problems
   that will lead to amputations and joint replacement. He
 is toughing it
   out while catching up and keeping up with orders. His
 catalog may be
   viewed at: www.garygoers.! com
   Click on the teeny little words in the upper RH corner
 “Gary’s Catalog”.
   After you find something you need for your Beautiful
 Brute, look up the price
   on the price sheet page, fill out the order blank page,
 add 10% for inflation
   and 10% for shipping. He will refund any overage. His
 top priority
   is making items, fabricating interiors and shipping stuff
 to us so he does not
   generally have time or tendency to answer e-mail or phone
 calls. Read
   the catalog, find your items, do the paperwork, add a
 check, write out any
   questions or concerns and mail them to him in Kalispell,

   On the home
   front, we would encourage each of you to get the shingles
   Avoiding or reducing weeks of debilitating pain is a good
 thing. Prior
   bouts do not prevent recurrence.

   Hang in there,


   From: Gary Goers

 Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2017 2:00
 To: Rich Barber
 Gary's update


 busy catching up
   and am somewhat. (Details
   Keeping up with regular orders and catching up on

   Updating the update
   sheet: No time to
 retype everything
   and add some so just a
 few things to catch
   up with the two-year-old news sheet.

 news is that my
   molds for chrome parts turned up with another company and
 they have already
   made a few items for me. I'm glad to say the the
 '55-'56 300 nose
   letters are in the mail to me right now and the quarter
 panel letters and
   numbers for these two years are in the works finally.
 '60 Chrysler hood
   scripts are here and the glove box script for
 '60-'61 300 will be done
   soon. Also in the works are the '60 backup housings,
 F & G side
   medallion bazels, '60 trunk handle, and maybe even
 '57-'59 300 side medallion
   bezels. They are
 working on getting a
   model made so the shrinkage won't be a problem. Cost
 of these items jumped up
 some since they were last made
   several years ago, but the 10% price increase should cover
 most, if not all,
   of the increase.

   I'm slowly catching
   up and everyone with interiors ! ordered will be getting
 them soon. Lots
   of C, F & G seats just about finished. Still lots to
 do, but getting
   over the hump.

 If the
   amputation site won't heal, then there's more
 trouble than I want. I'm
   having therapy for circulation twice a week and hope it
 will improve things a
   lot--and soon.

   Thanks for your
   support and patience.



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