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Re: [Chrysler300] 57-59 300 radio speaker

That comment about critical ohms is only true the of delco radios which need special speakers just as they say ---as the D.C. Current flows through the speaker coil. Too low an ohms will overheat the speaker and transistors .  The Chrysler radios have output transformers between the transistors and speaker that allow only ac into the speaker . For those radios  -- which we are discussing --- 4 ohm or 8 ohm speakers will absolutely work . Of course if you are selling speakers .... 
on the other hand most replacement speakers are 4 ohms now as it allows more power from 12 v . And power ratings sell radios 
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Good information from people who know what that are talking about.
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When I encountered a rotted-out 4-ohm speaker in the dash of my 300C convertible, I initially went to the stereo store and said I wanted a new speaker, perhaps even better than original.  The manager looked at the wiring diagram for the original Electro-Touch radio and found that it only put out 6 watts maximum power!  He pointed out that the heavier magnets in the modern (usually 8-ohm) speakers were designed to work with outputs of typically over 20 watts per channel from modern radio amplifiers and would hardly  be moved at all by the measly 6-watt output from the nearly 60-year-old radio, resulting in a barely audible output.

I spoke to Jeff Carter of JC Auto Restorations who was restoring the radio and Hi-Way Hi-Fi record player at the time, and he offered to have the old frayed paper speaker cone itself rebuilt using modern  plastic material that would actually produce superior sound across the usual audio spectrum than the original, especially higher frequencies.  I don't recall the exact cost, but it was around the same price I was going to pay for a pair of new modern speakers, probably about $75.  Talk to Jeff for exact pricing.  Bottom line is the old components now work together just like new, and certainly sound "period-correct".  No messing with mis-matched bolt holes, either.  Another takeaway:  Newer and "more powerful" does not always mean "better", when working with older-generation components!

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The ohms are not as critical as often made out to be, 4 or 8 will work ok. The 4 will play slightly louder at max volume , the 8 will sound less distorted but slightly less max volume. The main thing is getting a high quality hi watt speaker that will not warp ; Japanese speakers very good, like Panasonic or Sony, Kenwood, from that auto radio place on line . Usually have to buy two…Boxed that way.

I usually buy the mid price one do not need the fancy stuff , tweeters etc on AM ; if a rear speaker, both F and B should be same ohms . If a single speaker now, it will have a jumper in a 4 pin socket or in the plug , varies, (for rear speaker) leave all that alone as it is

Hope that helps….sometimes have to mess with bolt holes.


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Subject: [Chrysler300] 57-59 300 radio speaker

I need a correct ohm 5x7 radio speaker for my 58 D  front I/panel.  Any advice on this?
Thanks    Marv


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