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Re: [Chrysler300] 300G Chrome Dash Moldings

To my knowledge they only had one radio map light bezel. If car had no radio their was a radio delete plate that covered entire radio area knob holes and all. The delete plate said Chrysler my dads 62 came without a radio and had this plate. If car came without a clock their was a block off plate plate which fit behind bezel and matched dash trim. As far as I know all models even Newports came with map lights. Therefor I believe their was only one bezel for all options.

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I do not think they ever made a no radio dash . I never saw one.. and left radio knob hole is already embossed deep into left side trim?  So all  that would change too. I 
  got into this recently as we modified a 60 dash for a modern DIN fm radio , slide in box. The left radio knob hole was left for a  ? Switch  , filler plug or power outlet (TBD) the right one was part of careful cut out for radio box. Box  Has to go in from front , slight edge overlaps the grained aluminum trim plate on left. A piece of that same material about 1/2 " wide was mounted to about a 3/8 " aluminum block by weatherstrip glue to space it out -- between radio and clock  bezel  . Looks great, imho . Not exactly an answer , to your question, but solves a lot of problems .. new radio 100 $  . I phone songs! FM !! 40 watts out . 
A metal plate was added under cut hole to act as a shelf for radio box too . 
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On a 1961 300G, are there different Chrome Dash Moldings on a car with or with a radio and with or without a clock ?

The Molding has the Map Light at the top.

If the car has a clock part of the Molding frames the clock.

If the car has a radio part of the Molding frames the radio

It seems like there could be the following types / combinations of Chrome Dash Moldings.

One with both a radio and a clock.

One without a radio and also without a clock

One with a radio but does not have a clock.

One with a clock but does not have a radio.

I am looking for a molding that has the clock framed but No radio.

Does anyone have a nice spare Molding for a radio Delete car but does have a clock ?

Thanks and have a nice day !!!!

Charlie Valentine


1962 300 Sport Convertible


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