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Re: [Chrysler300] Re: 300G Chrome Dash Moldings-Andy Drumm 300F

When Wayne Graefen purchased the 300F Special and brought it to SoCal I was the first person to take a ride in it.  As I remember there was a spot on the roof where a CB antenna once was mounted.  Wayne said that Andy Drumm used this for communications when traveling  between job sites and he built highways in the state of Nevada.  Seems to me there was some bracket below the dash to accommodate a CB radio.

Prior to the car being restored I drove it a couple of times and found it geared so tall it wasn't street friendly.  The shifting was awkward and very "gatey" and in my mind it confirmed why Chrysler really never offered it to the general public.  

 Also remember a trip that Wayne and I took in it to the Pierce College Swap Meet and going up the 101 freeway in 4th gear Wayne put his foot in it and the clutch started slipping.  We both looked at each other and said "Uh Oh".  When the car was restored that hole in the roof was filled and I believe the passenger door was replace with one from a '60 DeSoto but I don't remember why. 

Wayne moved from SoCal to Texas and I stored the car at my business a few months until he had it transported to his home there.  The last time Christie and I visited we took a ride on Interstate 10 starting at about 15mph with him revving the motor and dumping the clutch and frying the tires.  We got way up in 3rd gear prior to running out of road.  With all of the windows down it was quite a ride....

John L.

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Hi Rick,
I do not remember any business band telephone in the Andy Drumm 300F Special when Merle Wolfer & Ken Diehl bought it from Andy Drum’s Estate(Grandson). Merle Wolfer drove it around Portland, OR and had it in several local meets before he and Ken sold it to Wayne Graefen.  Ken Diehl, a former member of the 300 Club, Inc. now lives in Prineville, OR. They took a trailer to Nevada to bring it to Portland where they replaced the clutch and installed the proper trunk  lid among  other things. I am aware of the phone antenna.
Our 1970 Chrysler 300 Convertible  has a business band telephone “General Electric” Mfg by ATT Telecommunications which is probably the same type of phone that was in the 300F.
John, Portland, OR
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The radio delete plate is the same as my old 300G stick. I wonder what happened to the business band telephone / radio that used to be in the old Andy Drumm 300 F. in the Wayne G picture web sight?

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Here’s a link to a picture of Wayne G.’s old 300F that did not have a radio.
Nick's tribute page to the 1960 Chrysler 300F, one of my favorite cars of all time.
Note that in 1960, the bezels were on the radio and the clock and in 1961 and 1962, the bezels were on the trim itself. So I don’t think the 1960 radio block off plate would work on the later cars.
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